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The monsters that suddenly appear seem to be mocking mankind’s ignorance about the upcoming calamity and terror! That day was deeply imprinted in the mind of every survivor. This is DT 3685, requesting backup. The fleet is spotted by the horde in the east sea coordinate. AD 2032, the United forces of mankind are mustered in the last major settlement base on the pacific for defensive deployment. Mankind defended the last fortress with a bitter price. THe prosperity they once had are all reduced to rubbles now. Survival becomes the first priority of mankind. The goddess of fortune did not give up on us after all, look ahead...

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Our identity have already been identified by the base system. Basic command system has been restored. Commander! The sappers have arrived. Let’s start with the road first! In order to make sure the functioning of the new base, please link up all the roads. It will make the city development more efficient. I found a place that is very suitable to build sapper camp on! Report, the water we brought in are running low! We just need to build water refinery. We have received a building manual. Following the steps on it allows us to build a base of survival quickly.

Last island Seazilla cheats, hack codes

Drag water refinery to the designated location. The sappers will start building after the placement. Water is a very rare strategic resource. IT ensures the survival of the residents. Let’s go claim the quest rewards now. Everyone’s hard work cannot go unrewarded. It’s also good for the future building after all. Opps, it’s getting dark, we need to take care of the problem of accommodation fast. Completing residence provides more safe accommodation for the family of crew and other survivors. The base grows more prosperous with more residences!
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Food processor can ensure the secured supply of food. Damn these monster radiation. Because this land is not developed yet, we need use road to link to this construction to start building. Road is the best invention to increase the efficiency of mankind. Fast supply transportation and fast building upgrade are all relying on it.
What can Canteen do? Hot meals, of course! They are the best comfort for our fragile morale. The Canteen will constantly consume food and water. Please make sure to supply them in time, we don’t want to go starved!

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