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The Aurum - it was a treasure that promised infinite power and life to the owner. Everyone fought to possess the aurum. Anyone could rule the entire continent with it. They didn’t even know the true power of the Aurum. One day Emperor Barthol, who united the continent with the Aurum’s power, disappeared with the Aurum. An empty throne calls for blood. The war over the throne began once more. That was when it started. The beings of the deep Abyss started to climb up onto the land.

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Those who were hungry for power fought for the throne while their continent was ruthlessly trampled upon. Now, i’m curious as to what choice you’ll make. They had to choose whether they would fight for the throne or for someone else’s sake. Select tribe: Karman empire, Eldian, Kvasir union, Northern alliance, SHin dynasty, Hwa, Samhan, Eastern union.
Guardian select: Akuld - in the continent of Arha, there are mysterious creatures and the people who call them the guardians. These guardians appear in a territory for many different reasons. When one of these guardians settles in, they say the lord of that land is chosen.

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My lord, the monsters have reached the castle. It seems war is inevitable at this point. Looks like some strong support troops have arrived. THey’re with me. They’re just in time. They’ll be a great help in defeating those dirty monsters from underground. It’s time to choose strategy. Location can be changed by dragging the troop. once after decided strategy, give the battle order. Skill can be triggered by dragging the icon over the target location.
Thanks to the work of the lord and the knights of Salvation, the castle’s DEF was a success, but the surrounding territories are still occupied by the orces. Defeating the orces in the territories and saving the people is important, but there’s something even more urgent than that.
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Now, then. First, you should repair the damage to the castle caused by the attack, and gather troops to recapture the territory. This is where you can find out what missions you need to carry out. Completing the missions shown here means you can quickly grow your territory. First, quests marked as main are the most important quests. However, the quests marked below as sub must all be completed in order to progress with the main quest. Completing sub-quests can give you items that help develop your territory, and main quests can give valuable items or new heroes.
Upgrading a building improves the building’s functions, and the measure of improvement can be seen on the left. Construction and upgrades require resources, and that can be confirmed on the right. In some cases, you may be required to construct preceding buildings first, and the necessary resources can be confirmed at the top. If the conditions above are met, the construct or upgrade button can be pressed, and a fixed amount of time will be taken to construct or upgrade.

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