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Commander, the barracks are on fire! Let's repair them! This room allows you to create a battle squad to launch attacks or defend your shelter. We have to fight back - speed up now - use cheats, hack tools. Move your soldiers to the barracks to build your attack squad. This recruit is unarmed? Equip your squad before battle. Enemies are hidding in the city. Let's send our attack squad. Running will consume energy, but you will reach any location much faster.

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hack Last War Shelter Heroes Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Going into a battle consumes food, keep that in mind before leaving the shelter. Victory? Check if there is something to loot. Great, the loot is now safe in your squad's backpack, but be careful, if all the squad dies, you will lose backpack, or need enter hack tools, pass codes. You can equip your squad directly from your backpack. And don't forget, you can select any soldier from your squad.

cheat Step #2: Rescued allies will be waiting for instructions in the shelter. Defeated soldiers will be waiting for the next mission in the shelter. If the last soldier is defeated we could lose the backpack. Send resources and items to the storage, to avoid losing them in the battle. THe shelter is bigger than you think, try swipe left or right to see more modules. We gotta expand if we want to win the Last War Shelter Heroes war! Use cheats, hack list and build the dinning hall to produce food.

code Step #3: Remember that you can speed up things when you need it. Some modules are always producing resources, don't forget to collect them. When units are in the print shop or dinning hall the production increases.

Last War Shelter Heroes Step #4: A tank was destroyed near the abandoned house, check if there is something useful to obtain.
To equip stronger items, you will need to train your soldiers at the GYM.

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  • 1. Impossible upgrade anything else when another module is under construction.
  • 2. After each battle all your equipment loses one durability. When durability runs out, the item breaks. Remember to always requip your heroes.
  • 3. Build your shelter, conquer & lead the world. Train your soldiers and level up, customize & equip your squad, play limited events and win big crates.
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