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the whole world is open to me, and i am embarking on a new journey. This is the conclusion of my story. It’s not a perfect, beautiful ending, but it is the start of a new story. A new beginning...Beginnings are good, but does it really have to be this way? This android game is about all the dark history that i carry inside of me.

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Use the left button to move your character to the target. You clear the hill by jumping while sliding the move button on the left. You can feel some dark energy ahead, follow it. Hit the attach button on the right to attack the dark lord. Skills help you deal greater damage to monsters. Climb the dimensional portal by sliding the direction key upward.

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  • LaTale W warrior - warriors are melee battle specialists. They wield two handed weapons based on their high HP and destructive power. Class upgrade: warlord, blader.
  • LaTale W knight - with great defense and balanced stats, these melee fighters are specialized in regular battles and easy to develop in the game's early stages. Class upgrade: templar, guardian.
  • LaTale W templar - Templar knights lead the war to victory by assisting in the rear and making strong defense at the front based on divine powers.
  • LaTale W guardian - guardians are unique in that though they are knights, they long to become aggressive warriors.
  • LaTale W wizard - these damage dealers have low HP, but their high intelligence and mana enable them to launch strong attacks and skills. Class upgrade: Sorcerer, Bard.
  • LaTale W sorcerer - capable of handling all types of elemental powers, wizards pursue destructive and strong magic.
  • LaTale W bard - these musicians maximize their allies' abilities by playing sacred music with magical power.
  • LaTale W explorer - these ranged attack specialists threaten enemies with quick, fatal attacks based on agility and luck. Class upgrade: treasure hunter, gunslinger.
  • LaTale W gunslinger - gunslingers are truly dauntless; no one dares stands on the wrong end of their pistols.
  • LaTale W treasure hunter - armed with all the qualities required for adventure, they hunt treasure.
  • LaTale W warlord - armed with great strength and powerful weapons, warlords are warriors who always lead the battle.
  • LaTale W blader - quick and nimble, bladers wield dualblades. Once their baldes are drawn, they will fight as though possessed until the battle ends.

LaTale W wiki
This will be a different journey than the one before. There are many things you need to learn, and many problems you need to prepare for. First, you should get a weapon. I heard that the weapon and gear you used to defeat the Dark Lord have all been destroyed. And you cannot embark on your new journey empty handed. Just as you can’t just continue staying in the inn. Fortunately, Keber is waiting for you at the shop. If you have a hard time finding him, you can just open the quest alert window on the left and tap the auto button. Tap the auto button and your character will automatically proceed with the current quest. If you want to stop the character from moving automatically, tap the auto button again.

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  • 6. JVfshnebml5Qb92 - materials
  • 7. 6QSTlNoFhqbz9Wf - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. iU9ssefOeStS8Z0 - premium pack
  • 9. L65MGQRqaN2T530 - chest
  • 10. 5JtpJSjUWTAvf8X - vip ticket

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Rare costumes can be obtained via costume combination.
  • Match the weapon type of equipped weapons and pets to greatly increase skill damage.
  • Tap NPC move > HP recovery to visit NPC Shalo to restore your health.
  • Tap the screen in front of the NPC and move your finger upward to talk with them.
  • Don't forget that you can only use weapons that are for your class. You need to hone and care for your weapon for them to work properly. You can also enhance your weapon to make it stronger. You can use other gear to increase your weapon's stats. usually, you can enhance weapons up to level 5. Of course the stats increase with each stage.
  • There are also other ways to make your weapon stronger. Elevation increases your gear's grade, Polish increases its stats, and equipping puzzles grants special abilities.

LaTale W tips
    Tutorial LaTale W(wiki):
  • Tap the item buttonLaTale W item to check it out. Select the enhancement tab. Select a weapon you want to enhance. You can enhance a weapon by using other gear.
  • Skill - it's the most essential of all combat. Although you lost the power, your body remembers your skills. but it'll take some time. Check which skills are activated and level them up. As you grow, the number of skills available will grow too.
  • To explain in a little more detail, you can become stronger by using AP and SP earned by increasing your level. Ap is used to get new skills. Whenever you meet a required level, try to invest it in skills you need instead of just spending it. You can get SP by increasing levels too, but unlike AP, you can also get it by completing daily missions. As you collect more SP, the number of skills that you can upgrade also grows.
    AP is for getting new skills! SP is for increasing skill level! You can get both by increasing your level. However, you can also get SP by completing daily missions.

LaTale W tutorial

Tips to repair durability LaTale W:

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Pets LaTale W pets: hack code can be as powerful as your weapon. Isn’t that wonderful? They are cute and strong! Pets have unique skills, so they will be an aborable and useful companion to your journey! There are three ways you can get a pet. First, there’s a chance of obtaining a pet in the field or in a dungeon. The second is to use diamonds to draw a pet. And last, use hack cheats code. If you use the right pet for your class, you’ll be even stronger. Remember how i said pets have their own skills? We need to equip the pet LaTale W pets: hack code to get the skills. You can equip up to 3 characters at a time. That means that you can use 3 skills at the same time! Also note that pet skills will use your mana and rage.

You need to manage, hack and maintain your pets, just as you would your weapons. The more you take care of it, the stronger it gets. There are different ways to make a pet stronger. I’ll start off by cheating code or explaining level enhancement first.
LaTale W tips to repair
LaTale W Instructions: Do you see how the pet’s level increases? If you keep doing that, it’ll get stronger and stronger. You can enhance a pet by selecting another character as a material. Please don’t forget that pets are rally, really precious!

Now you have both weapon and a pet. It’s time to test newly obtained power. Let’s see how well your hack code, new weapon and your pet work for you. And remember, you can buy pink diamonds and blue crystals in the cash shop.

Tap the quest complete alert window, and you will be automatically moved to the NPC you should report to. Tap the cheat menu > craft button to create a variety of costumes. I’ll tech you something else. You can’t just spend all your time fighting. In this world, you need to get your own materials and use them to craft things. To do that, you need to gather them first. You can find various materials in nature and use them to make new items. The materials you get depends on what you want to gather.

While you need a pond for fishing, there are lots of other materials you can gather in normal fields. You can gather, mine, or woodcutting in the field. Each activity fives you different materials (or you can use LaTale W hack cheats code). Once you gathered in one place, it takes a bit of time until you can gather there again. You need to wait until the resources respawn. The person who gathers first gets the materials, so it’s not a bad idea to gather as much as you can, whenever you can. Of course, you can always just pass on it if you don’t want to bother with gathering. LaTale W Google Play Download ► how and where enter
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