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Finally, the day has come. It was time to get rid of my old law firm. It's time to start from scratch to show them what I'm capable of. After all, setting up the firm has been easy! The hard part begins now, the first day. It's time to put my lawyers to work! Hey, clients are arriving already! I must hire a receptionist.

The receptionists attend our customers and send them with the lawyers. We can improve the reception and hire more receptionists later, but we need to hire a lawyer now! We need to have a lawyer in each office. Here we will see the lawyers available to hire. Each lawyer has a series of attributes. We must look for the one who suits us most at each moment. To hire them, we must make them a salary offer. As we need one urgently, let's be generous. We have our first lawyer already! Let's assign them their new office.

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hack Law Empire Tycoon Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): New rates - increase a lawyer's income by 7% per range. Coffee machine - Increase the cases' processing speed by 2% per range. Unhurriedly clients - Increase by 20% the waiting time of the clients in the office line. Without assigned lawyer - The lawyer will organize everything necessary for the case. They will ask for the requirements to research. As a result, you will earn money by resolving the case.

cheat Step #2: Now, we can review the cases that are arriving. Let's check the first one. We will earn money per case solved, so we must solve as many as we can. Have you noticed the office improvements? Here we can improve the office. These upgrades affect any lawyer who works in this office. Each office has its own upgrades.

code Step #3:Try to upgrade them as much as possible. Once you have improved them enough you will get stars. These stars are added to the stars of your firm. Stars improve the firm reputation and will attract better customers who will pay more for each case resolved. Once you have completed all teh upgrades from an office, you can level up its rank. Upon leveling up the rank of an office, customers who go through it will pay more. Now we must focus on improving the office in order to rank it up.

Law Empire Tycoon Step #4: We are doing very well...but we cannot accumulate more money. Our vault is full! We have to expand it whenever we can. Otherwise, we won't have enough money to improve the law firm.The lawyer will organize everything necessary for the case. They will ask for the requirements to research. As a result, you will earn money by resolving the case.

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  • Reception - Reduce by 1% the time that the receptionists take to attend to each client.
  • Complete the listed objectives to get generous rewards and advance faster.
  • Money vault - Allows increasing the level of the vault.
  • Offers - These offer packs contain important discounts on our products.
  • Forseti Family - Unlock the best professionals to increase your profits.
  • Builders - Unlock more building teams to be able to build more extensions at the same time.
  • Premium lawyers - Our recruiter gets the best lawyers and negotiates a reduced salary with them. Some lawyers have attributes that affect specific types of cases.
  • Tokens - Use your Tokens to find the best.
  • Documents generate dossiers for cases, improve them whenever you can!
  • You can reduce costs and increase case profits with the researches.
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