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Touch the screen during an animated scene to display playback option buttons. Touch the buttons to toggle between portrait and landscape, or to skip a scene. Let' review the major mysteries of our story. Touch a mystery for more details.
First quest - there's an uninvited guest at the presentation, but the guard's received a few clues as to his whereabouts.
" His table is adjacent to one that has a red flower on it. His tablecloth is a different colour to any adjacent table's Oh, and his table doesn't have a yellow flower on it." "adjacent" tables are connected by dotted lines. Take the guard to the correct table.

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hack Layton Unwound Future Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Solving the puzzle: use your finger to drag the guard in the bottom corner of the screen to a table. When you have the correct table, touch submit.
R77: Cyclone attack - spinning traveled to a conflict will ever damage 120. Ai missiles: when the allies came crashing to fire one missile detects the surrounding enemies. Where the missile fell helps the enemy of the radius three blocks away the damage of 60.

cheat Step #2: below is the map to the clock shop that accompanied the letter from Luke’s future self. Starting from the yellow arrow, can you find the clock shop using the times listed on the map? Circle the letter of the correct building and touch submit.

code Step #3:The answer is H. The times indicate which direction to go at each function, and are written in order. At each junction, you need to check the listed time and proceed in the direction a clock's hour hand would point.

Layton Unwound Future Step #4: The trunk - to start, touch the trunk icon located in the top right corner of the bottom half of the screen. This will open the trunk, where you can access several useful options by touching their icons. The save option - touch this option to save your progress throughout the adventure. The puzzle index - allows you to review puzzles you've found during the adventure. Solved puzzles are marked with a tick. Those you're yet to solve are blank. In order to have another go at an unsolved puzzle, however, you'll need to return to its location.
Journal - touch to review the events of the story.

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  • 2. Your bus journey to work takes one hour. You work for two hours, then take the bus home from the bus stop next to where you work. The bus timetables to and from work are shown below. You want to make the time between getting on the bus to work and getting off the bus from work as short as possible. Which bus should you take to work in order to achieve this? Touch the letter next to the departure time of this bus.
  • 3. Two men are moving boxes from the ground floot to the top floor. The larger man can carry two boxes at a time, and takes one minute to get to the top floor. The smaller man can only carry one box at a time, but takes just 30 seconds to reach the top floor. Both men take the same amount of time to return to the ground floor as they do to reach the top floor. The boxes are tooo bulky to pass from one man to the other on the way up. If there were seven boxes in total, how many minutes would it take the men to get all the boxes to the top floor?
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