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You are arriving on the Old King’s road. Traveling eastward, you hear a strangle noise. This is your first battle. I will teach you some basics before letting you dive in alone on this adventure. This is your first champion. Leter on, you will gather more under your banner. It is your champion’s turn. Your hero doesn’t have enough mana yet so they can use only their default attack. It’s selected by default for you. All viable targets are outlined and have an arrow above the,. You must click on them to confirm the attack.

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On this second round, you receive 50 mana, and now you have 100 - enough for more powerful skills. Now you may either attack with the default attack or use your mana to activate your special skills. Hold a finger on the icons to see the effects. When you chose a skill by clicking on its icon, available targets will be indicated. You may then make your choice and confirm your target.

Lazara Battle Heroes cheats, hack codes

Characters: Defender - these warriors are all about protection. They have almost supernatural resistance and can protect their fragile party members for as long as needed. Arcane mistress - is a master of fire and lightning. Her magic can eveporate a whole squad of foes. Archer - is a master of arrows. She can pierce armor, and evem back row enemies are not safe.
Shadow sting - these assassins are specialists in poisonous attacks. They can perform surprising back line attack. Necromancer - a versatile mage, resilient and self healing. Can summon the dead and fill the battlefield with toxic mists. Paladin fighter - a front liner, specializing in fighting evil undead and outsiders.
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Battle menu - here you can see the aftermath of the battle. If you win, you may gain some loot, gold, and experience for your fighting champions. Here, you can view your possible enemies, see your party formation, or start a battle. When a new location is reachable for the first time, it will pulse on the map. YOu may click on it to see what awaits you there. Grey locations are still inaccessible to you.

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