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Greetings, i am master of multidimensional space. I'd love to get to know you a bit more but let's take out the eenmies first. We are outnumbered. I'm not supposed to intervene, but let me summon some heroes just this once. Your creature is summoned when the bar is full and deals powerful damage to your enemies.

Lazy Master cheats, hack codes

1. mrCbMQuj - treasure chest
2. y0l03zOo - 6 stars hero
3. Enter ELDZ0Vsc - premium summon
4. Pass 2TDKIbBs - friendship points
5. UqMkeIJP - crystals
6. Enter st6lAejw - arena tickets
7. 92moQmyx - vip status
8. ufk08aik - 6 stars legendary set: weapon, accessory, armor, helmet
9. gsSesb7r - artifact
10. cEXoLr09 - game coupon code

Battle info Lazy Master: place heroes in accordance with their type advantage to increase ATK by 20% and ACC by 15%. Formation guide - place defense type heroes in the front line and attack type heroes in the back line. You can position your characters in the front line or the back line. Heroes positioned in the front have a higher chance of getting hit than the ones in the back. Position your heroes according to their traits to win battles or use cheats codes.
Type advantage - every hero has different strengths and weaknesses based on their type. You should place your heroes that have a type advantage over your opponent to turn battles in your favor.

Tutorial crystals Lazy Master hack tools: type buff - certain formations of 6 characters grant you a type buff. Place various type soldiers in battle to activate a powerful type buff. Battle result - each battle consists of 15 rounds. You win if you defeat all enemies within 15 rounds. In Elimination mode, you win if your team has more units after the 15th round.
Cheat code - increase stats: ATK - high attack deals more DMG to enemies. HP - allows you to stay alive in battle longer. ARM - reduces the amount of DMG received from opponents. SPD - determines hero's ATK speed. A hero with higher ATK speed attacks first. Active skill DMG up - increases basic DMG of active skills. Higher active skill DMG deals greater DMG. ACC - reduce enemy's chance to block. Higher ACC decreases enemy's block chance. Armor break hack tools - higher armor break deals stronger DMG. Immune- indicates your chance to be immune to control skills. High immune rate means you are less likely to get affected by control skills. Control skills: petrify, freeze, stun, root, fear, silence.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. At least one player should be registered per match during the season preparation period to participate in the guild war.
  • 2. Deceived by the mage’s false promise of freedom, heroes are forced to fight one another!
  • 3. Use cheats, participate in the sanctuary and obtain annihilation rewards.
  • 4. World - here is where all adventures take place. You can upgrade your heroes and get rewards through battles. Cleared stages drop items as rewards. Collect them by tapping on the treasure chest.
  • 5. Come to the blacksmith if you have any battle gear. A skilled blacksmith will make your gear even better.
  • 6. Complete missions, use hack tools and collect puzzle pieces to obtain a powerful 6 stars hero.

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