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The world won't get saved by itself, so we'd better hurry. Broken Ancient Souls have now become heroes, and with their power they can ublock the artifacts and defeat the Demon King! Go and summon them now! Select a hero from the list and long press to view their info. Clear certain stages to get great rewards! Heroes can also be obtained through Shard Fusion, and the water elemental shards you have just obtained in battle can be fused!

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hack League of Pantheons Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Tap on [Shard] - Use: Collect and fuse these to get new heroes. Upgrade Hero to gain more powerful stats! Time to set out for an adventure again! In the Elf Shop, there are often rare items on discpunt! With Summon Scroll, we are able to conduct Advanced Summon! Adv. Summon has a higher chance of getting more powerful heroes! Starting from now, we have 1 free summoning per day!

cheat Step #2: Quick Combat helps us grow and upgrade faster! Don't forget to get 1 free Quick Combat every day. Tap [Blitz] to get piles of XP and Gear. You'll get 120 min worth of gains. Blitz Buff: +2 free and +8 buyable attempts per day (Perk inactive).

code Step #3:Finally qualified to unlock the Artifact! Artifacts have special skills and can also boost heroic stats in battle! However, the artifacts can be used only after requirements are met. Alexander's Axe - Deal 290 (290+0) real damage to 2 random enemies, there is a 30% chance to inflict (Shear Bleed) for 2 rounds (cannot be dispelled), causing target to lose HP of [Max HP*3%] each.

League of Pantheons Step #4: Gains and loot get better as you progress. Non-stop Adventure, Non-stop Battle. This world will continue to receive battle gain, remember to claim it in time. The more stages you clear, the more you gain. Let's keep going! If you want to know more about your heroes, you can check the [Power Up] screen. The fastest way to improve hero is through Leveling up and Advancing, hold the Level up button to resume the Level up process.

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  • Ares' Grip - Deal 604 (604+0) real damage to 2 random enemies, with a 30% chance to reduce ATK of the targets by 10% for 2 rounds.
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