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Are you awake? Sorry for startling you. I’m cheat-on! Sorry i didn’t ask first, but i saw how talented you are and HAD to call you to android game. Here, characters from famous stories around the world complete in heated battles. You’ll complete in these battles and aim for the glory of the top league. I guess it’s a little much to take in all at once, though. Don’t wallow! Take action! Anyway, it’s time for you to learn how these battles work.

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Battlefield - this is where you spread your wings as a leader and command heroes from different stories. On the other side, you can see the opponent’s towers. Whoever destroys the most towers during the battle wins. Minions (soldiers) will automatically appear from towers and attack enemy towers. If you don’t do anything, your minions will get squashed. So call some heroes to join the attack!

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Place a unit in the front to protect your minions! The soldiers’ charge was successful! You did a ton of damage to the tower! Supporting your minions as you attack is fundamental! It’s really important.
Next up, i’ll explain how to use heroes (units). Choose a unit from the 4 lined up at the bottom of the screen to call them onto the battlefield. And the Mp used when you summon a unit. Mp recovers gradually over time, but if you don’t use it carefully, it’ll be gone in a flash.
League of Wonderland wiki
Also, each unit costs a different amount of MP, so keep that in mind. The placed unit will move and attack automatically. They always head for enemy towers, but if there’s an enemy nearby, they’ll stop and attack them.
Next, i’ll tell you about each unit’s traits. The enemy sent out of Giant ogre - are large units that have high HP and only attack towers and buildings. They soak up attacks with their high HP and protect units behind them as they press forward. At this rate, your tower will be destroyed. Call out some card swordsmen and protect your tower.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Units that come out in groups and attack at once like card swordsmen are effective against units with high HP like Giant ogres.
  • You defeated the Giant Ogre, but your tower took a lot of damage. When the opponent takes the initiative like that, your minions and towers get stomped. ANd even if you put up a fight, your towers often take a lot of damage because of the minions. It's really important to take the initiative and attack.
  • Close range units like card swordsmen end up eating attacks from long range units as they try to close in to attack.
  • One of the tower stone to victory is taking advantage of the traits of each unit.

League of Wonderland tips
Hack cheats tutorial League of Wonderland(wiki):
Next, let's take a look at the special attacks used by special units. First, place down Cendrillon!
Can you see the word "draw" down at their feet? There are special attacks that can only be used by units who had main roles in their original story, such as Ash Covered Cendrillon!
These attacks are called Draw Shots! You can activate them by drawing a line, just like using a pen!
Cendrillon’s draw shot pierces, making it great for taking out lots of small units. When you can use a draw shot don’t miss your chance.
They have all kinds of powerful effects, so make sure you get aggressive with Draw shots.
League of Wonderland tutorial

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Use Sun Goddess Amaterasu’s draw shot - can greatly damage enemies within the area of effect.
Arthur’s draw shot allows him to tackle enemies in a sleight line.
But that’s not all! Draw shots have another special effect. If a draw shot hits an opponent’s cheat unit, they will temporarily be unable to use their own draw shots. This is called a break.
Pulling off a break requires you to place units first and get the jump on your opponent. So, rather than sitting around watching you’ll find striking first is the fastest way to victory.
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When the battle ends, you’ll receive a card pack based on your results. DOn’t worry, you’ll get card packs even when you lose for a while. Card packs contain new unit cards and gold! Next, use the unit you just got to edit your deck. The deck you make are what you’ll use in battle, so think carefully when editing your decks. In addition to 8 hack unit cards, you can also customize your towers to plan for all sorts of different strategies.

Next, let’s take look at code leveling up units. Tap on a character card to see its stats along with the number of cards and gold required to level it up. Editing, hacking your decks and leveling up cards are vital, so remember to do both!
Use cheats code, win a bunch and acquire enough league pts to be promoted to a higher league. Leaders who are new to Wonderland will start from D league, destiny Camelot! C league, crazy tea party awaits! You’re no longer a novice once you reach this league. Next is B league, battle of Gods! YOur enemies here won’t be easy to beat. A league, Ancient legend< soars above the rest. Just keep aiming for the higher leagues!

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