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Welcome my king. I am lord commander Pelleus and leader of the king's guard. I hereby swear on my honor and my allegiance to protect the king. We don't have much time. Since the passing of the last king on the "siege of the shrine" battle, our kingdom fell into chaos. First, we must recover the holy ground from monsters and build a farm for your starving citizens. Well done1 Now your people can get a stable food supply. You can also construct other buildings like a gold mine, quarry, or lumber camp.

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hack League of Kingdoms Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):Now is time to train your units in the barrack. Please keep in mind the chain of power: infantry>archery>cavalry>infantry. Training has started. Meantime, let's learn about quests and what rewards we can get from clearing them. Please use the speed up item to complete the training.

cheat Step #2: Tasks like construction,research, training, healing can be finished with speed up items. Now, let's explore outer fields. On field, you will find monsters, resource reserves, and shrines. To protect the kingdom, you must hunt down the monsters. If you use the search feature, you can easily locate monsters and resources. Please try locating and attacking monsters.

code Step #3:Great, you've just slain the monsters. You will come across much stronger monsters and need multiple attempts to slay them. You also can collect resources from reserves.
Some of your soldiers are injured and being treated in the hospital. Injured troops from battle or hunting may be healed from the hospital. By upgrading your hospital, you can enhance the capacity and speed of the treatment. You can also use speed up items to accelerate.

League of Kingdoms Step #4: Alliance: you can get help from other members on building, research, battle, etc. You can research alliance technology to get various boosts. You must join an alliance to participate in the siege of the shrine and other campaigns.

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  • 2. If you cancel an ongoing research, you will only be able to get back 50% of your resources.
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