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Story: in the last century, endless toxic gas gushed out of the earth’s surface. The toxic gas covered all the hollows of the earth overnight, less than 10% of human survived. A hundred years later, the survivors built an enormous empire above the toxic gas layer, but people are still living in misery under the tyranny of the new empire, the degradation of human.
The Doctor is a scientist who resisted the empire’s tyrannical rule, he miraculously survived after being thrown into the sea of toxic gas. He adapted to the toxic gas. The doctor has since been rescuing survivors like himself, with a sole desire for vengeance against the empire when the oportunity comes one day. This day has finally come.

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brave wannabe, you are finally here! Words cannot express my admiration. Let me introduce myself, i’m the doctor’s contact here, i usually do the meet&greet for the followers on mission. Let me test you out. Since y’all are survivors from the baptism of the toxic gas, which gifted you with special abilities of some sort. using these abilities correctly will make you guys invincible in the battles!
Your mission will be completed once you defeat the enemies. You’ll get a mission for each island. You must complete the mission before heading to the next island. You’ll get a treasure chest for each mission completed.

League of Wannabes cheats, hack codes

There’s a chance of dropped weapon when the enemy dies, you can also buy it from the store or get it while exploring in the wild. Don’t ever go to battle empty handed! Click weapon to expand the weapon bar, click on the desired weapon to switch. Click open the map on the top right corner, the yellow points out the enemy’s location. You still have a chance to get wannabes once you complete the mission.
The oxygen that sits in the aerobic village will continue to oppress the innocent local civilians, who will even levy a breathing tax on passers-by. Your mission is to defeat the oxygen will members on this island.
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Extra things are just baggage, sometimes you have make a choice, drag to discard weapon. Tap the weapon bar to unfold and then long press weapons to display details. Peasants of the oxygen village would go to farm outside the city in the daytime and dance in the square at dusk.
Skills info: Throwing skill - grab hold of a person in front and enter the throwing mode, continue for a period of time while your moving speed will reduce. This skill can be used to withstand flying objects.

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