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Dear adventurer, welcome! If you don’t mind, let me be your guide on this journey! Summon gate - this is portal where you can summon formidable heroes. Summon uncommon or above characters by basic summon code. Summoning requires to consume diamonds or deluxe hero coupons. Summon for free for 1 times every 24 hrs.

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Heroes will fight automatically in A.C. Don’t forget to claim gold, training stones, items and other loot once in a while! Each stage can only be challenged for 1 times. First, let’s deploy the heroes we just acquired. Heroes can gain MP whenever dealing or suffering an attack. When the MP is full, a skill will be cast in the next round. When we were battling, the chest has accumulated some rewards.

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1. oRgNL8wAYV - level up
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A.C. loot will be accumulated up to 8 hrs. Please claim the reward on time to avoid loss. When you feel aimless, please follow the guidance of the main quest for adventures, it will show you the right direction.
Joining a guild provides benefits such as: guild exp, coin, guild war reward chest from participating war. Guild buff that helps hero and units, attendence reward. Random guild coins from donation. Access to guild shop to purchase hero equipment with guild coin.
Legacy of God wiki
The world map is covered with resource nodes. The higher level the node, the more resources it contains. Tap any resource node and select “gather” to collect its resources. YOur troops will carry the resources back to your castle when they’re done gathering.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Skills:
  • Attack monsters: monsters need to be challenged one level at a time. beat them to win equipment materials and resources.
  • Each bonus rewards the first time you defeat a new level of monster. You must rally with your allies to explore the ancient ruins.
  • Study your enemy before attacking! Use "scout" to get a report on your target and form your battle strategy. Upgrade your watch tower as much as possible to get more information about invaders and targets.

Legacy of God tips
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If your allies are in battle, you can send troops to join in as long as they can get there before the battle ends.
Join an alliance for the best possible growth. Build alliance flags to expand your alliance territory. The larger your territory, the greater your daily territory rewards. With your territory, you can gather from elite resources, win bonus rewards from monsters, and collect territory tax.
Legacy of God tutorial

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