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The time that has stopped begins to tick again. The battle that should have ended tens of thou and of years ago just begin. In the last heaven war, Hades finally destroyed the world. Archangel Uriel sealed the future of destruction by costing himself. Howeverm at the last moment, everyone's time was deprived. When they wake up again, everything has come to it origin. This time, you should cut off the eternal fate chain by yourself. Eternal land Acacius collapsed along of the disfashion of fallen angel. Uriel dispelled the dark and protected the Heaven by sacritficing his own health. However, all endings just symbolize new start....In the war of Acacius, eternal hourglass became numerous starlight and fell into the world. It was actually a miniature of the world, and even a small piece of frag will cause great unrest. The heaven is also secretly recover the frags of the hourglass while protecting the world on Earth.

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Hello, general from the future. I am cheat-on, the guardian of HP tree. I am sorry to put you into new battle since it is not long after the last battle ended. Had effected by the blood red moon, we would not have been so weak to hide in the holy and but the offensive of Demon seems to be weak, and there are many strange breathes, please go to check. Choose class: Warriors are iron fighters who destroy all the defense of enemies by powerful melee attack and lasting strike. Ranger – orignated from kingdom of the elves, rangers have specise archery and the power to summon arrow spirit. They are also good at ranged attack and guerrilla warfare. Mages are the mag-users of teleport and replication who total control of all the battle. The leader will launch a unique skill, use displacement skills as soon as possible.

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The last player of the underground palace will refresh the leader, beat the leader to get the golden sacred. Equipment's durability is too low, power will be reduced, please repair. The amount of blood is not enough? Mall selling potions! The statue of the king of the camp will appear in the glorious kingdom, admired by the crowd. After the equipment refined to green, greatly enhance the attributes. Wild monster will fall off the box material and the appearance of the production material. Advanced skills with buff effect, combined cast will be a surprise. If the game is not smooth, try to shield other players. Only the underground palace will fall off the sacred and destiny key fragments. Challenge chost treasures can get gold runes and suit equipment.

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1. gBwE1L7Vsk - gold
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4. Fpk3OQ7qqg – relic stone
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6. RggMmZLczL - keys
7. tJdZiAOioD – diamonds gem

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