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Free hack Legend of Empress cheats code list - evolve, promotion, gold, promo ticket, costumes, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Legend of Empress cheat world: i’m cheat-on. I’m here to serve you. The rules in the palace are complicated. All your costumes and behaviors should be subject to these rules. You still have a lot to learn. You can survive in the palace as long as you speak and act cautiously. Please go to the seamstress house to learn etiquettes about costumes. Different ranks are entitled to wear costumes of different colors and patterns. If you violate the rules or you trepass the boundary, you may be imprisoned or beheaded.

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You can change your clothes in costume. You should have some helpers in the palace. You can attain many excellent heroes in summon. You have 5 free chances to summon every day. You can deploy your new heroes in team. Baohe Palace is for promotion examination. Your career is closely connected to this place. In this stage, your makeup and etiquette will be assessed. Judge in every rank will set a question. You will be admitted if your score meets the requirements.

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Guard - the courageous tank and mainstay of the team, with super survival skills and high defense. Scholar - contrast to the gentle title, scholar is the powerful damage dealer with enhanced attacking range. Physician - the all round controller, bringing suppressive effects and certain damage to enemies.

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Please pay attention to the keywords and find the corresponding costumes. Based on the rules of the palace, the new guards should learn dressing etiquette. It’s spring now and the hint is (what i love most is the scenery of the eastern west lake, especially the causeway under the shadow of luxuriant green willows).

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