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Legends Of Olympus cheat world: olympus - a place of majestic beauty, where Gods and legendary heroes walked among mortals and creatures alike. Everything was in perfect harmony and peace...Until one day Titan Cronus - the bane of the Gods of Olympus, broke his chains of imprisonment from Tartarus and descended upon the peaceful world. In his rage and vengeance, Cronus decided to imprison his own captors and unleashed a powerful magic that banished most of the Gods and heroes of Olympus.

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Only Zeus, Poseidon and Hades remained to oppose the wrath of Cronus. Tagether they used the lost remnans of their power to imprison Cronus once again. They succeeded, but their battle unleashed a torrent of powerful magic that spread across the world. Now, every creature in every world contains the mixed essence of power from both Titan and God. Mythical creatures from legends and new ones, never seen before - rose in different parts of the world. This is the tale of creatures of Olympus.

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Ever since the cataclysm happened, all ancient temples now Lie in ruins and we don't have anyone to help us. I hape a plan, however! And it involves this particular Goat that you see in game. Feeding creatures is a sure way to befriend them. In order for my plan to work, however, we will also need a bull. Let's build a bull habitat and get a bull, so that our goat here will have a friend. But there is no availabel space in your bulls habitats. Buy more or upgrade existing ones.

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It is time to tell you about my plan. There is a hidden power within these creatures and i intend to use it to restore the world! Among all the destruction, only the temple of aprhodyte stands intact. I think the power of love is much more powerful, than we gave it credit. We can try to harness the magical essense within the olympian creatures and store them in magical crystal. These magical crystals will allow us to summon forth creatures of greater magicaly power.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: the magical crystal is farming. Normally we can use diamonds to help the process and hasten it. But this time, we can do it for free hack cheat. Having more farms will indeed improve our food production. You can never have too much wheat. Especially when there are goats around.
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Tutorial Legends Of Olympus (wiki): As you can see the temple is heavily damaged. And all the status of heroes and gods are in ruins. But now we can actually use the help of our olympian creatures. And find the magical stones we need to restore the statues. Use your creatures to gather the materials needed to bring Hercules to life. Lots of creatures require lots of food.
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