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Some six centuries ago, the Scar of chaos was left on the earth, at the site of the war of the deities. The Scar led to the underworld, and the holy sword thrust into the Scar took in the darkness that flowed out. The protectors of the Firmament spoke in secret...A t some point, the holy sword will no longer be able to take in the darkness, and will be destroyed. The seal of Lioyd, the Tetrarch of light, must be broken, and the Scar of chaos closed. At that time, the war of the deities will end...A true demise, transcending time...

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The situation button - hold down to check the situation of all characters in battle, both allies and enemies. You can get information about abnormal states and status changes, and about enemy types, etc. You can also see character’s ATK and DEF when subject to a status change effect. Hold down the button when you want to know the details of the battle.

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Action order rules - order of all characters, both allies and enemies, is shown by icons. Basically, characters with greater agility move first. If defend is used, or if some of the “preemptive attack” skills are used, characters act first irrespective of agility.
Skills and the SP gauge - each turn, characters’ SP recovers, based on their “SP recovery” value. By making use of SP, it is possible to employ powerful skills.
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Use a strategy in battle where you build up SP through normal attacks and defense, or make use of skills whose SP usage is low. Fight in a style that suits you.
Treasure Earmuffs - fluffy muffs, to protect ears from the cold. Really useful in snowy lands. Worn all the time in fact. All allies’ maximum HP 1% up. When owned, effects are triggered all the time.

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  • Quest monsters - depending on the area, there is a certain probability that quest monsters will appear. They are more powerful than other monsters, os if you feel you can't beat them, retreat for a while.
  • It is always possible to retreat from quest monsters, but until they are suppressed, they will continue to appear with the same probability.

Charmina: Hunt knowledge - when an enemy is defeated, damage of power 70 is inflicted on a single enemy.
Quests: Tetrarch of light - to break the seal of Siegfried, the Tetrarch of Death, head to the Mausoleum of death, to the south - west.
Charmina I (low) - trigger the charmina ‘hunt knowledge’ 20 times.
Scar of chaos - head to the Scar of chaos, to tell Edward about the oppressive attitude of the soldiers.
Legend of the Tetrarchs tips
Hack cheats tutorial Legend of the Tetrarchs(wiki): Skills: Justice inspire - fight evil, with strong stoicism. Increase the user’s ATK and DEF for 2 turns.
Stun sword - a sharp sword to protect the weak and vanquish evil. Mounts a preemptive attack, and increases the ATK and AGI of a single ally.
Judgment Arrow - fires an arrow with the retribution of heaven. Attacks the target with 100% of CRT rate added. Also removes one of the target’s strengthen effects. This attack cannot be avoided.
Legend of the Tetrarchs tutorial

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