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Legend Rising Empire cheat world: despicable rebels, carrying out a sneak attack during my travels. Try to hold them off. I'll instryct flan gier, the famous builder, to stay behind and assist you. I recall that there is a secret passage below the castle. It sould be an honor to sacrifice yourself to protect your emperor! Step aside! You are forbidden from following me! Why don't you help me rebuild city. You all know me quite well. If you don;t meet my demands in a timely manner.. I will personally turn this city into ruins. As for you maybe i'll consider reserving some tombstones in these ruins.

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As you can see, my lord, although we have temporarily repelled the rebels, the emperor's tyranny and capriciousness have not waned. I will now devote myself to helping you rebuild this city. Silver crown is very important to city development. To put it simply, a well fed resident pays their taxes. To put it mathematically, silver crown = agriculture production chain + market. Your people need to obtain food from the market. You can collect taxes from their transactions, to obtain the silver crown required for the city's development. After dragging a building to the location where you want to place it, tap "confirm" on the bottom right to start building.

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The farm is an upstream production building in the agricultural production chain. It can produce wheat and other crops. The Akery is a downstream processing building in the agricultural production chain. It can process wheat into bread, a food consumed by people. When silver crown is produced, manually collect it from the market. With enough silver crown, we can begin to construct basic military installations: the training grounds and the barracks. All soldiers are trained at the training ground.

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The higher the level of training ground, the more types of soldier can be trained, and at a higher level. We're one step away from having our very own army. Oh, pardon me, it's two steps: weapons and population. Each type of soldier requires a specific weapon. The bow workshop can process pine into training shortbow, the weapon required by archers. Fleeing troops drop EXp potions. These potions are the main way of leveling up lords and attendants. You can't stop drinking those potions if you hope to become ever stronger.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: attributes: bravery, endurance, agility, engineering. Let's begin establishing a basic industrial production lie: sawmill>wood workshop, to produce the most basic building material: pine lumber. The sawmill is an upstream production building in the industrial production chain. It can produce the most basic industrial raw material: pine. The castle is the heart of the city and where you conduct official business.

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Tutorial Legend Rising Empire (wiki): the type and level of buildings you can construct are directly related to the level of the castle. Your city has entered a whole new stage of development. There will be more challenges ahead: we need to produce a new resource: limestone brick can upgrade buildings to higher levels. Rememeber to claim your reward for completing each task. With enough limestone brick, we can level up the training ground to activate new soldiers. Tap and drag the progress bar to rapidly train units.

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