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Legend Imperia Hero Game empire: Europa - is ruled by the Franks. The great Francia expanded from the Rhine to the Gaul region. Their governance brought peace and a new order to the world.
Babylon - born in the basin of two rivers, is an ancient and splendid empire. Fascinating art and scholarship with great significance appeared on this mysterious land.
Asia - is the hometown of the Mongols who are nomads on the grasslands of Central Asia. The great empire across Eurasia is exactly created by these valors.

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Now days there are wars everywhere. If you are willing to protect us, we’ll give you this town in return. This place is endowed with great resources and water sources. It is indeed a suitable place to develop and help us regain Camelot one day. Then we will settle here and help my lord to rebuild your empire. You can build the rampart first to resist the invasion of the beasts and the enemies. The resource area outside the town was burnt down by the rebels. Most supplies in this town have been plundered by the rebels. The rest of them are in chest. We now loyally present the chest to you to show our gratitude.

Legend Imperia Hero cheats, hack codes

My lord, our military morale is booming because of two consecutive victories. It is a good time to go outside to beat the rebels thoroughly. Our town is in the bronze age. You can follow main quests and side quests to develop the town. Town center has been upgraded. You are now in the chaos age. Resource area is back to normal again. Gold is an essential resource to help you develop. Please upgrade the goldfield. You need various resources to construct your town. You can gather gold from the goldfield. Build the barrack to train infantry soldiers to improve your troops.
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Upgrade the barrack to improve your command. Click instant to finish the upgrade at once. Upgrade vip level to reduce more time for free. We are short of resources? Please go to the world to defeat rebels to get more for development. Obtain resources and blueprints. Capture bases - gather blueprints to improve battle rating. And remember, the higher level the town center is, the more functions will be unlocked.

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