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I have been a witness to the change, the curiosity, creed, and the insatiability of humans. I spun and wheeled many wars in the yarn, and so did I fathom the greatest war of all times. Strings of reason and the effects of this great war are all floating with me. The war like no other, which had even the gods worried, resolving into choosing among their own, to fight for rectitude. Indradev asked the moon god chandradev, to allow his son Varchas to be born as a mortal. He was going to place a crucial part in the upcoming war. Chandradev who loved his son dearly was against the idea. He could not bear being away from his son.

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Indradev promised that his son will be among the mortals only for 16 years and will be born to the greatest warrior Ariuna. Grandradev still hesitant reluctantly agreed to indradev's proposition. The day arived that, the Kauravas and the Pandavas were preparing for. The war was about to begin, where the Kauravas fought for supremacy, the Pandavas only yearned for revenge. As the fight intensified both sides pitted their best warriors against each other. Some days were dominated by the Kauravas while on the other days pandavas swiftly erased the Kaurava army. Every warrior used all their boons and blesings to make their winning over the other, definite.

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Swipe up and hold your finger to move chariot forwards. Tap to freeze time and activate archery mode. Tap onhighlighted enemy to shoot one arrow towards him. Swipe left to move your focus and target remaining enemies. Tap again to unfreeze time and deactivate archery mode. You get to shoot up to 5 arrows each time your enter archery mode. Swipe right or left to dodge in coming arrows. Tap on attack button to fight with enemy. Tap quickly to trigger combos. Tap while moving to quickly dodge enemy attacks. Activate rage mode to boost sword damage and become invincible. If health is low, move from enemy to regenerate.

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