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Cedric recommended you to me. Dark clouds of war are looming over, obstructing the light of Agris. The Foreteller will tell you the revelation of the divine king. I’m sorry for making you graduate early from Skyland, but we really need you now. The Demon realm of Ogara may already acquired the dead moon seal dark clouds of war are looming over obstructing the light of Agris. Before the divine king Agris could shed light upon us again, we must stop the massacre by Ogara. The Foreteller will tell you the revelation of the divine king.

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You will be a fearless warrior, an immortal hero who embarks on a journey for glory. I hope you can take on this duty Go search for the deep darkness, and thus find the light of the divine realm within it! The immortal order will always pray for you, and knight granite will make you a soldier of the empire. Cultivate strong skills to defeat powerful enemies.

Legend of Agress cheats, hack codes

1. GCyi4C - level up
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How to play agris legend? Quest + instance + auto farming + boss challenge. Events - solo challenge the legendary world heroes. based on your level, new legendary bosses will be unlocked. You can get a higher rating by challenging the star instance with you friends. You can appoint me as the Eternal spirit after you become a lord. After reach level 80, you can evolve into a different appearance and gain massive stats.
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Combat mode change - safe PK mode: can attack players with red names and counter. Team PK mode - cannot attack legion members and party members. Free PK mode - can attack anyone. Have a chance to drop inventory items upon death. Higher sin will increase the drop rate. When the sin is higher than 0, you will lose bound emeralds upon death.

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Warrior - we are born to fight, to hold the sword in our hands, and to slay the evil in front of us. Wizard - the true courage is not taking another’s life, but knowing how to forgive. Assassin - beyond life and death, we keep company with the shadows, and always make the most lethal stab in the most critical moment. GsRCHQ - 3-star eudemon egg
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