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Lord, there are enemy spies outside our castle. We are not strong enough yet. Just try to make us stronger now. We need to enter the store and build one gold deposit now. Once the gold deposit is finished, it will yield gold over time, but you need to collect the gold by yourself. When you finish constructing or leveling up a building, a star will appear at the top of the building. Later on, you can tap the building to collect experience. You can level up and construct more buildings to level your character up, or you can't raise town hall's level. And don't forget to tap the check in button to reap rewards. To protect our castle better, we should build a hero altar, in which we can summon a hero. In every hero altar, we can only summon 1 hero. Make preparations in advance before any battles.

Legend of Mighty Magic cheats android, ios hack codes

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There're various challenges in world map, use all that you have learned to fight. Move close to the archer, the archer can't launch a ranged attack when being approached. The archer can't attack after moving. When resources run out, you can get resources through battles. Institute – here you can level heroes up to make them stronger. Once the hero's level goes up, their attributes will grow accordingly. Leone – there are more stories about his weapon claymore than about his life. Leone doesn't talk much but he is more speak voice by the blade. Don't show your back to Leone. Legend of Mighty Magic –  cheats secret bug

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1. dnIdfho0AS - diamonds
2. WPH8ibMFBQ - gold
3. FVO2DxK83U – unlimited resources
4. Gu1KJRz775 – stamina energy
5. QqRgYuNK2L – legendary hero
6. NgpeJho0Cz – speed up
7. ejl4HM7yCN - crystal
8. VQ4KPPFdQS – level up
9. Mshlg82Ugd – vaucher code

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