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Greetings young master, are you still watching palace harem drama series? Why not you be the lead character of new game? Fight your way to the top with your confidants, partners and many more. In the palace harem war, there will be no smoke or fire, there will only be devious people with their wicked schemes. Recruit your loyal partners and confidants and be the №1 in the palace harem and there are also beauty outfits waiting for you - love and friendship is the only cement that will ever hold your world together.

Legend of the phoenix cheats, hack codes

1. oaaTJ3Rc - silver
2. J4bAM3BK - fame
3. Enter I8CwJgyf - experience
4. Pass L2trKHHN - speed up
5. NhH5dnM4 - ingot
6. Enter jSJjsgFw - vitality pill
7. lZIo0D6p - travels
8. mFItIkFX - business card
9. wJV8dGwB - colorful sky lantern
10. dSftmLWG - game coupon code
11. wlmke9dZ - Siku Quanshu
12. kruREhTH - jade
13. cuimJYxG - baijia cidian
14. 61Bnps0u - the prettiest Brocade
15. qGgiT1tX - destiny stone
16. 0xJWRnpX - wisdom growth pts giftpack
17. 4LpxV1P4 - tokens

Control info Legend of the phoenix: harshly - the most important part of the palace is the rules. Now get busy. You need to get familiar with the palace duties in the palace, so get changed! You have to dress appropriately. If you make any mistakes you can just go home. You remember you have spent many days here. Some are sweet, while some are painful. You promised yourself you would take revenge if there was an afterlife. and you always keep your words. Castle is the most important part of the palace. Your level determine the type of palace duties you can do. Experience can be used to upgrade your partners. Stronger partners can be better assistants - use cheats codes. Silver can be used to get fame, and you need silver to get work done in the palace. Fame is used in the story. It's best to accumulate fame.

Basics Legend of the phoenix cheats code list:
looks like completing duties gives a lot of benefits. We should complete the duties as fast as we can. If you don't know what to do, just follow the storyline quest. If you can get promoted then you'll have a better chance of being put into more important roles by the ladies, and your life will be easier. Description: every encounter - is a new chapter. Elegant transformation - all kinds of fashion to choose from. Baby's development - natural pure and innocent. Handsome confidant - create you own love story. Culinary delights - taste the beat delicacy in the world.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Happiness sky lantern - release for a chance to obtain medium palace duties box and premium palace duties box.
  • 2. The prettiest Brocade - can be used to exchange for costume set “te prettiest” or upgrade it!
  • 3. Huge rewards are waiting when you complete palace duties.
  • 4. Date your confidants to receive huge amount of intimacy value.
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1. 2aTPL5zPHilxUUp
2. gUovxKld04PsI0H
3. 4Y62CAC0SnX2gO6
4. o2Zn7W1nlOS49mZ
5. 4tF6mmTw0DsmrFc

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