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Legend of the Skyfish 2 Game story: for over a hundred years, the continent of Whenua Makutu thrived. Skyfish’s reign of terror felt like a distant memory. Humans and beings of different races lived together in harmony. Peace was kept by orders that had been formed during the restoration years, after skyfish’s demise. The forests to the south were patrolled by the rangers of the red hook clan, named after the first champion. Secluded in the eastern deserts, the unbeatable Dunna sentinels hindered any invasion attempt.

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And in the west, the city state of Ora Vilago was protected by the local guard, with the eventual help of mercenary bands. That perfect balance seems about to be broken, though. Corrupt creatures have infested the forests surrounding Ora Vilago. Their numbers keep growing and attacks to the city become more frequent each day. The red Hook guardians have almost all disappeared, leaving the city walls completely exposed. In a last attempt to re-establish order, the triumvitare that governs Ora vilago summons the last of the red hooks - master and apprentice - to investigate this mystery. And thus the journey of our heroes begins.

Legend of the Skyfish 2 cheats, hack codes

We’re getting closer to the city of Ora vilago, little red hook. The city’s matters are of utmost importance, but this trip left us very rusty! I prepared this training for you to get back in shape. Complete it, and we may proceed to Ora Vilago. Approach target dummy in front of you and hit it quickly three times to perform that 3 attack combo i taught you. These in front of you are entangling vines. They’re not dangerous, but they can root you in place if you get caught by them. Apprentice, it is important to learn how to dodge enemy attacks. To do that, you need to roll just before the enemy attacks you. If you see the warning sign above an enemy’s head going red, that’s probably a good moment to press the roll button or use cheat codes
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Nice job on the training routine, my apprentice! We are ready to continue our journey. The leaders of Ora Vilago have summoned us to help them investigate the unusual monster attack that have plagued the city recently. It seems like we’ll be staying here for a while. This forest around us is the place where the missing members of our clan were last seen, so we should start our investigation right now.

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