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Legends at War cheat world: welcome, mighty summoner! YOu've arrived just in time. You've long been asleep, but worry not! I cheat-on, will be your guide.We're threatened by a nearby castle! There's no time to lose - tap to attack. Select Sylvia's point blank shot skill to attack the enemy. Be wary of special attacks, these skills often have immense impact on the course of the battle. Valis has a powerful special attack: spellbound detonation, try it.

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The next fight will be tougher. Use the gold you've earned to strengthen your kingdom. Elixir will make your heroes stronger! Build an elixir laboratory from the shop. Warehouses allow you to store even more resources. Build an elixir warehouse to store more elixir. You can use elixir to level up your heroes. Access your heroes from the hero book. Tap on the XP button until your hero levels up. Remember to level up your heroes whenever you have elixir.

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I have a gift for you, summoner. Open the loyalty chest waiting for you! Open one free loyalty chest every 4 hours. use loyalty to open chest that contains either full hero, a hero shard, awakening material or a resource (gold, elixir). Only chest where you can gain hero shards of Sir Galahad. With new hero, it will be easy to conquer more regions! Unexplored regions are covered by clouds. Tap on a region to explore it. However, we can't access reveal from our lands.

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You can only attack castles in regions adjacent to your realm. With our strength, we can defeat new castle and conquer the region. By the way, Valis has a leader skill that boots all heroes in your team. Heroes with a leader skill have a small crown icon next to their power index. Every hero is aligned to an element. Each element is strong against one other element. Use it to gain advantages over your enemy.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: don't forget to tap and hold on a skill to see its description. Ruling a realm is never easy, but you can access your goals at any time. Complete goals to earn rewards. Make sure you return often to claim them. Whenever you feel lost, you can always return here for guidance. Gold mines generate gold over time. Visit them often to collect the gold.

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Tutorial Legends at War (wiki): battle in the arena to earn arena coins. Path of trials - train your heroes for greatness! Get ready for a challenge. PvP arena - fight against other players in the arena. Land of the overlord. Each hero can be awakened to unleash their maximum power. In order to awaken a hero, you must craft the 4 awakening stones. Each awakening stone gives that hero a permanent stat boost. Awakening stones require materials and gold to craft.

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