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Hi, welcome to new android game! You must be the new recruit!. You’re just in time! Many things have changed here due to the unusual behavior of spirits on the outskirt of our village. We are still investigating the reasons for their unusual behavior but for the time being, you must stop them at all cost to protect the lives of our villagers. Tap and hold on any direction to star moving. Let’s star the adventure! Select a stage. You forgot to equip a potion. Let’s equip a potion and tap the start button. Tap cheat to start auto play. Monsters usually attack in group, you mist eliminate them as fast as you can. Your weapon looks dull, you need a better weapon to survive. Tap on the blacksmith to see his services.

Legends of Astra hack

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Press the weapon or equipment. Tap on the upgrade button. Tap on weapon to be used for the upgrade process. Yse equipment as material for the upgrade. Upgraded equipment has better attack and defense. That was awesome battle skills you have there. Spirits drop coins, equipment and other useful items you can use in battle. Tap equipment to see its attributes. Tap on the armor tab to see your available equipment.

Legends of Astra cheats, hack codes

Open companion: tap summon to take a companion to battle. Your companion will protect you from monster attacks if you bring them with you. YOu can strengthen your companions to face tougher foes together. You can unlock powerful skills when you reach certain level. Skills are very useful in battle and it can help you eliminate spirits much faster. You can open the chat window by pressing the message bubble button in the lobby.
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If you can evolve (combine) the same colleague, you can acquire a second star colleague randomly. By same companion can be obtained through evolution (synthesis). Hero can be obtained through a companion purchase at the store. Remember, you can obtain better rewards for clearing a dungeon faster. The swordsman has powerful skills. Use them to gain the upper hand in battle! You can take a peek of the skills in skill preview located in the collection.

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