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Legion War cheat world:
Great Plain - it is a map of land, with scattered small lakes in the middle and without marine castles or units.
Recruit a hero - at the bottom of the screen, click the recruit hero button.
Assassin - silent but oh-so deadly! The allusive assassin can become invisible means you will die soon.
Warrior - “shield bash” yelled the warrior. Useful with a sword but don’t forget its shield.
Archer - these bowmen may be weak in melee but that is not a reason to look down on them. Give her protection and she will fire great damage to distant enemies.

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Buildings: city hall - extra experience per turn for each village or sea village in area.
Monastery - within the area, all friendly units’ health recovery increases by 10, moral recovery increases by 5.
Central bank - every gold mine within arean adds yield of gold by 5%.

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Legion War hack credits
Unit population - units are supported by population. You can raise the population limit by building city manas and by researching technology. You can raise the number of heroes by upgrading palaces and researching technology.
Mana - used to cast magic and can restore automatically each turn.
Gold - used to purchase units, build and mana buildings.
- used to research technology.
Hammer - used to mana units and purchase equipment.
Economy page - contains all your economic information and castle output information.
Legion War wiki
Knowledge Resources conversion - there will be a certain loss if all the resource output of each turn is converted into another resource. Use knowledge to strengthen and increase your economic output, unit combat power, and magic power.
God’s altar - use the altar to pay tribute to god, and get God’s magic.
Use a hammer to strengthen and increase the combat power of your units.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Full moon - recently the moon in the night sky is particularly round, which seems to cause everyone's inner turmoil. Critical rate of all units increases by 30%, lasting for 3 turn.
  • Mysterious potion - after drinking the potion, all your units gain the following effects: health -30, healing received -30%, damage dealth +25%, damage received -25%, stack 1 time at most.
  • Alien invasion provides a lot of food and electricity.
  • Check battle replay to continuously improve your strategies.
  • Upgrade hercules landing craft to carry more soldiers.

Legion War tips
Hack cheats tutorial Legion War(wiki): Global magic:
  • holy light - healing a friendly unit, recovering its 100 health and 30 moral.
  • Dance of tornado - creating a tornado on the target tile, making 70 damage toall units within 1 tiles, adding 4 moving power cost of these tiles, lasting 3 turns. Every tile will only affected by one tornado.
  • Power enduring - give effects to a friendly unit: attack power, damage dealt +25%. Last for 2 turn, stack 1 time at most.
  • City sturction - giving a friendly castle experience that it will get within 4 turns immediately.

Legion War tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Legion War: gold, gift box, knowledge, hammer.

Arch mage - is the most talented human magic user and can ruin a whole army with a single spell.
Swordman Captain - dont’ worry, she will protect you. She’s the strongest human warrior boasting marvelous blade skills.
Commander - not only front line units are useful for the army! The commander, though stationed behind, can rise the combat of the whole army.
Legion War tips to repair
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