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The dark era of Nasland begins with the invasion of the Nightmare legion. With the Orc Chief growing old, the blood prince colludes with the nightmare legion to tear the orc tribe apart. Under such serious circumstances, the Nature nation and the Holy Empire unite to build the glory Alliance. They fight together against the Nightmare and blow the horn of counterattack.
You dark monsters, get out of Nasland, our home is inviolable. Heroes, come with me! We are the only hope of Nasland! We have lost the war eventually. But thanks to the guardian dragon, some survivors can escape to the border waiting for the miracle.

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Your majesty, i am Cheat-on, an opostle of the apocalypse temple. I’ve come here to bring you a message from Grand Exarch. Please let me help you conquer the legendary Throne and recover the order of Nasland. Let me introduce Captain Irving from Sidlos family. He is an outstanding hero who can protect our city. Kiddo - the legendary guardian dragon and the witness of the dark area. The power of Lord Gayoka is exhausted, so he will sleep for a period of time. But our city cannot be harmed in next 24 hours. Let’s hurry up and grow.

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Food is essential for the citizens and for stable development. Let’s build a farm to produce food first. We have solved the food problem and our next step is to build barracks for military purpose. After all, the monsters can raid us again any time. Well done! Now let’s hack some soldiers and create a powerful army. Only by absolute power can we maintain a long term stability of our city. Your majesty, i have recorded all the knowledge in a task book. Please follow the task guidelines to run our city.
The castle is the core of city development, and a higher level castle can run the city faster and more efficiently. There must be no delay.
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Free speed up cheat code is the gods’ blessing for Nasland, belonging to everyone of Nasland. It can store time fragments to accelerate the city’s development.
The outside is very dangerous and gull of monsters. I suggest that you first enter the secret place of Nasland for the Livia gate and Improve your combat skills. The livia gate hack you to the secret of Nasland, where you can learn more about the magnificent history behind it.
Troops: Rhine infantry - shooting: when being attacked by riders, repels them and deals damage to them.
Archer - volley: when attacking infantry, launches a volley after every two basic attacks and deals damage.
Rider - assault: assaults archers and mages and deals triple damage to them.

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