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LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed cheat world:
Hello! Welcome to our humble dump! Kinda bleak huh? It’s been this way for as long as anybody can remember. We’ve spent years scrounging for something - anything - that could turn this dark age around. We should be out there building, exploring and finding others like us!
The world wasn’t always such a dump. Piptown was a place where everybody could live together in harmony. We could even build whatever sweet sets and neighbourhoods we wanted!
But then the Monoliths came, and everything changed forever.

LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed hack

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Controls: hey, take it easy! You don’t know what the peck you’re dealing with! Tap the basic ability. Luckily we have the one thing that heals all wounds: emotional quitar covers! Tap and hold to read a skill description.
Wow, this is a pipton of bricks! Say, some of these look familiar...I think we can build something out of this rubble.

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LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed hack month card
Skills: Wings of fury - melee AOE attack that deals 50% da,age to all enemies. Chain link gang - deal damage to target, with 10% chance to gain defense up for 1 turn.
Shop: bundles & bags, gem store, general, mashup, guild, arena store. To make it through the dark age, let’s assemble a brickload of other heroes. Codex tiles are needed. Those hack gems will get us a bag that might have some. These codes tiles contain building secrets that have been lost to time.
LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed wiki
Quests - this is a campaign map, to send our teams on missions. When the circle next to your health fills up, you get to go - it’s your turn. Remember, target the enemy healer first!
XP scrolls - are full of fancy book learning to beef up our team! Use the XP scrolls we’ve found for more awesomeness.
Campaign board - another way to get to campaign missions. There are multiple adventures to go on, but for now we should keep on exploring willa’s trail!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • We've finished a quest! Let's go get some sweet loot!
  • Gems - are used to purchase Goodie bags. Earn gems battling in the arena and from quests.
  • Increase your player level to increase the maximum hero level.
  • Explore the world, gather more heroes, and stop Willa's nefarious plan!
  • Loot battles to make your sets and heroes awesome! Gather codex tiles, ability potions, gears, XP scrolls.
  • Reach level 3, unlock Events and build first set! Reach level 10 to receive Cactus girl.

LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed tips
Hack cheats tutorial LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed(wiki):
Event campaigns: in deep - earn raft raider codex tiles; Captain Kidnap - earn princess Verda codex tiles. This missions usually need to get done tout de suite. Get valuable items, heroes and sets.
This one says we can get a set. Its builder secret is the boost we need! Sets bring new synergies for your team.
Raft raiders - a raft for any riffraff who are desperate to gang up and deal a little extra damage. Don't forget to pack a snack!
Rusty Gutlass - at the start of battle all allies gain attack up for 2 turns. Whenever a pirate ally attacks, other allies gain a chance to assist and deal damage. If that ally is a pirate they have a bonys chance to assist.
LEGO Legacy Heroes Unboxed tutorial

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Crook Chuck - a street smart tank who’s got no problem takin’ a couple shots to the chin.
Chicken suit guy - a helpful attacker whose feathery fury gets teammates up early, and leaves enemies hesitating.
Spaceman reed - a daring unit famed for his quick reflexes and stunning maneuvers.
Fitness instructor - an enthusiastic support unit who keeps her allies fighting fit.
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