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This new battle simulator could make a general out of anyone - even R2-D2. To win, you must eliminate the enemy base. If not, we’re done for! Drag units onto the battlefield to deploy them. Deploying units costs energy. Energy will refill over time. One shots are special attacks. This particular one excels against structures.

LEGO Star Wars Battles hack

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Some units, like the turbo tank, only target structures. Oh my, well done! I do hope our future battles are just as easy. Let’s test your skill again with another mission, shall we? All missions have a guaranteed reward. Win the battle and it’s yours! We must assume the role of our enemies to learn their tactics.

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Tap to build a tower upon a build platform, once your units have passed it. Build towers to attack and defend. They often do both! Towers increase your deploy area. The same is true of our enemies. If neither ship is destroyed, whoever owns the most medals wins. You can gain more rewards from winning missions. Tap on the objects to fire!
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You can scan objects whenever you win in a mission, how wonderful! If my sensors are correct, which they always are, then this is a champion! This is no time for heroics! Or perhaps it is. Deploy your champion! Champions have special abilities that can be triggered in battle. But your hero will need a short time to recharge after that performance. Combine units, towers and use special abilities to win the day.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • The destroyer droid's shield deploys when it stops moving.
  • Your odds of survival will remain low without upgrading your units. Acquire enough cards of the same unit and you can upgrade it.
  • R2-D2 and C2-B5 units heal towers and base ships.
  • Faction choice in quick battles is random. Quick battles may be fought any time, though your side will be chosen for you. Winning quick battles is great for trophies. Missions, however, award additional resources.
  • Defend flame towers from air units.

LEGO Star Wars Battles tips
Hack cheats tutorial LEGO Star Wars Battles(wiki):
Units: rebel commando - these ranged troops are the Rebellion’s finest. Questionable taste in hats.
Y-wing - a bomber craft significantly more aerodynamic than its swifty abandoned predecessor, the Q-wing.
Flame tower - this tower is too hot to handle! Literally: stay back. Dark side: stormtroopers - look up “disposable” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of these guys.
Tier bomber - the noisiest little ship in all space. Its splash damage bombs are extra strong against structures.
Tower - avoids the stormtrooper curse of being a terrible shot by burning everything with wild abandon. Congratulations, you are now skilled enough to battle other commanders! Good luck and use hack cheats codes.
LEGO Star Wars Battles tutorial

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