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Greetings to the Lord! I am your adviser magician. By order of the emperor, you were sent to these lands to search for the Rune of the demiurge. They give power to the wearer. You have to be careful, these lands do not belong to the empire. You are our hope for the future. Fortress - we need to protect. A warrior was sent to us, you need to protect yourself.

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Soldiers: defender - melee attack, takes 50$ less damage from magic, long range taka, and returns 20% of the damage received from long range attacks for intrinsic targets.
Swordsman - melee attack, appearing immediately in 5th, with a hit there is a 25% chance to bash the enemy on 1 second.
Royal archer - range attack, hits at a small radius, attacks only ground targets, 60% chance to do double damage.

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Defend your lands, protect your territories! Don’t let the enemies reach the end of the road. Build your towers on their way to make sure none of them escape alive.
Buildings: Orc cannon - devastating, but a little slow. Delivers area damage. The farther from the center of the hit the enemy is, the less damage is caused.
Old crypt - employs skeletons to guard the road, where they stop the enemy and engage in close combat.
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Peasant - a commoner with a fork. Not that dangerous on his own, but a nuisance when part of a large group.
Magic towers cause serious damage, but with a small radius of impact, while a supporting tower, e.g. the sleeping lizard, slows down the enemy’s advance for a while.
Apprentice - causes serious magical damage, but is noted for its low speed of attack and medium radius of impact.

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  • Gold - invest it in towers and soldiers.
  • Battle tactics - expose the enemies to other towers' fire by holding them off with your skeletons at strategic points. Deploy low speed weapons where the enemy's advance is impeded.
  • There is a special landmark on each level. Each of them is a means to influence the course of the battle in some fascinating and memorable way.
  • River's raving current impedes the enemy's advance. You should use this slowdown to your advantage in battle.
  • There are two types of defense available: physical and magical. The weakest creatures have neither. Physical defense is the most common, while magical defense is rare and available to chosen warriors only.

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Completing a mission makes it playable at the next difficulty level. Both enemy difficulty and the number of waves increase, but you'll get a bonus reward upon completion.
Unlock new tower features and upgrade your abilities in the special upgrades menu, using the souls earned across missions. It will strengthen your future defenses of the Lands of evil.
The more successful the mission, the more souls you get.
Certain landsmarks require activation. It's up to you to decide if it's necessary during battle. Just keep your gold stock sufficient!
Most of the enemies charge into battle head on, but some prefer shooting form afar. Those are usually the ones that are most explosed in close combat.
Leprica Castles Races tutorial

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