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Greeting to you, wandered, choose one of the proposed races: naga, human, nature.
I am your adviser magician. By order of the emperor, you were sent to these lands to search for the rune of the Demiurge. They give power to the wearer. You have to be careful, these lands do not belong to the empire. You are our hope for the future.
Look, this is our fortress that we need to protect. And right is the enemy’s fortress, for victory it must be destroyed. Attention! A warrior was sent to us, you need to protect yourself.

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Defender - melee attack, takes 50% less damage from magic, long range attack, and returns 20% of the damage received from long range attacks for intrinsic target. Swordsman - melee attack, appearing immediately in 5th, with a hit there is a chance to bash the enemy on 1 second. Sniper - range attack, can only attack aerial targets, 40% chance of doing triple damage. Lumberjack - melee attack, 30% when struck, shake the ground and cause 110 damage to the area, blesses the ally every 7 seconds by adding +6 armor and increases the regeneration of lives 30hp per second.

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Royal archer - range attack, hits at a small radius, attacks only ground targets, 60% chance to do double damage. Catapult - range attack, attacks only buildings, there is aslo a 20% defense against magic. Artillery - attacks a random enemy unit on the map, dealing 180 magic damage in a small radius. Fire dragon - far attack, a flying unit, a 19% chance to dal magic damage to the first target and bounce off 4 more times, each rebound dals 25% less damage. Royal mage - far attack, deals magical damage on the average area every 12 seconds.
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Quests: Gold - general, at us here something that in reports to not converge. Well i casually not so the report filled. Also has sent. In general, we urgently need to spend gold and more. Gamer quest - so on the agenda we have a couple of tasks, but for us it’s not a problem! I’m right, the general? Exterminating human - shadows, where do they come from? This time, a whole legion of people under their control, with this you need to do something. For the day you need to win victories from the race human.
Resident - a brave general does not have cowardly soldiers, which means he can boast of time on the battlefield.

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Take one of the parties, pump it, come up with your own plan of victory with the help of strategies, tricks and strength of your race.
Help them to defend their lands, to obtain ancient runes. The main thing is to have time before the beginning of dark times and the awakening of the Ancient Evil.
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