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Magic used to be commonplace in Leturn. It used in various ways, integrated into the daily lives of the people. People called mages worked tirelessly on studying and developing magic. With that advancement in magical prowess, came greed. That very greed, led to strife and the civil war which soon raged upon the land. Fighting over territory, many lives were lost.

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Use skill and drag to enemy area. You can put another hero. Every enemy has their own skill. Even wizards like us need to keep training in order to get stronger. Now use the experience scroll in the inventory to increase my experience. Every wizard has an innate affinity with a particular element. We also have passive abilities. Head over to the academy to increase Aria’s passive abilities.

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Xenos and Rufus arrive at black Thorn castle, home to the prestigious high sage seinus only to see a couple of familiar faces at its entrance. The high sage seinus and leading figure in the clave, took on a pupil under his totelage. His name was Thayer Shadowen. His was a troubled soul, unable to harness any magical element except that of darkness. Thayer progress in wizardry progressed swiftly under Seinus guiding hand. He grew stronger with each passing day, which soon caused him to become a target of the Sable Rose, a circle of mages advocating the dark god, Erebus.
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80% of Xenos’s skill are massive area killer. Remember that each of Windy’s multi-attack can provoke her passive. Resources pack - open and get two of following rewards randomly: gold pack, wizard experience scroll, energy. Skills: call of lava - creates lava explosion at enemy position. Super Nova - build up a charge of fire energy which automatically detonated. Fire blade - summon two legendary fire swords to destroy any enemies on the battlefield.

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