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Free hack LifeAfter cheats code list - credits, resources, gold, promo ticket, unlimited ammo, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. LifeAfter cheat world: get rid of the infected that are chasing you. Tap to shoot, hold to shoot continuously. Keep firing, don’t let them near the truck. Find any usable gear nearby. Top - here are your physical indexes. Tap to view details. Character status - invigorated: being healthy and full makes you feel invigorated. +5% damage, movement speed, collection speed, -20% energy consumed when running. Your current HP is very low and you are in constant danger of death, use a bandage to restore stamina.

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Pet introduction - your dog is your most reliable friend during Doomsday. You can either go out with your dog, or let it stay at you house. Dogs can do many things in different places and carry out actions according to your commands. You can also teach your dog new unlimited ammos at hope 101.

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Pets features: Black back - A shepherd that can work for you or guard your manor. Doberman - is calm and sentimental. It is a born fighter and will staunchly protect its owner’s territories and homeland. Labrador - gentle, vivacious, harmless and intelligent. It has a sturdy and robust body. If you train as a pack dog in 101, it will do a fairly good job.

LifeAfter wiki
First you should make a machete for self defense. Then, we can work out a plan. Tap to change the weapons in the shortcut bar. You can gather any resources you find in this area such as wood, stone and hemp. Switch to your axe, aim at a tree with the crosshair, and cut it down to get wood. Hemp has a lot of uses. There is a lot of it around, don’t miss any.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • The gate can be placed on the door frame or wall, through which you can come and go, in and out of the house.
  • A weapon workstation can be used to make gear. Use ammo boxes to replenish ammo if your bullets run out. It'll help you counter any threats you face.
  • It’s difficult to get most rare resource’s by products. SO try to enhance talents to increase collection efficiency

LifeAfter tips
    Tutorial LifeAfter(wiki):
  • Some resources must be extracted by at least 2 players. Ask your friends for help.
  • It's not easy to make your camp become a trade city. The first thing you should do is register for a mayoral election.
  • Citizens should camp events to upgrade their camp's period. A mayor's key responsibility is to satisfy you.
  • In the snow highlands, be careful of the cold weather. Find a house and make a fire or you might freeze to death.

LifeAfter tutorial

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