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Dear newbies, are you ready to being your adventure? Tap the quest box to talk to the instructor. That’s the goal of this quest - the eternal star swallowed by Gobber. Thel’s Astro chart is now fully built. It just needs a few eternal stars to activate it. Move the joystick to the specified location. Shroomies pop up out of the sand, blocking the path ahead. Teach the shroomies a lesson. You’ll have to do something to lure the monsters out. Move the firewood over and start roasting some meat to attract them. Disquise yourselves as monsters and infiltrate the village.

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The wheel can control the skill’s direction. Stay away from the warning zone to avoid injury! Help the residents pf the Manor by completing Side quests and raise your trust. Open the map to confirm that you can accept side quests. Every quest completed will earn you 40-60 trust. Complete quests to earn various currencies and items, as well as unlocking story dungeons. Blessing - bless gear to increase equipment attributes. Set synthesis - collect whole sets to earn additional stat bonuses. Collect rare materials to synthesize epic equipment. Create special accessories to aid you in fighting humanoid creatures.

Light of Thel Glory of Cepheus cheats, hack codes

Pet Timmi - this mystical creature doesn’t worry about food, shelter, or other needs, relying on its cuteness to get whatever it wants. Watch out if it rolls into a ball to use its mount. Spirites installed in the skill wheel can use their battle pet skills. You have unused skill points? Upgrade skills to increase skill damage and effects. Upgrade talents to earn additional attributes and special passive skills. Enable new talent pages to quick switch to reserve plans. Use guild contributions for research to increase your own attributes.
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Skill: frost shower skill Skills: Phantom dance - the shadow assassin flickers back and forth like a shadow, dealing multiple attacks. Each attack causes physical damage to enemies within range. If a target has crimson imprint, each strike will inflict physical damage instead. Shadow assassin cannot be selected as a target while phantom dance is in effect.
Soul stone: inlaying - it appears you have superior soul stones that can be inlaid. Upgrade - to increase stone attributes. Increase morale stones’ total levels to activate resonance attributes.
Sprite - choose spritest to deploy and earn battle pet skills, talents. Upgrade to increase breeding and combat attributes. Evolve to increase battle skills and talents.

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