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Lightseekers –  hack codes
Ybartering with Chimchu – once you have collected the other ingrediens, the potion to save Lyra must be mixed in a solar vial. Treanu has suggested that his good friend Barden in Stumpdrift may be able to help. Buried treasure – captain Jolti's friend krill has set up a treasure hunt and Jolti wants you to join in! See if you can follow Krill's clues to uncover the buried treasure. Compat pickups – during combat, your enemies will drop boosters! Tap or walk over them to use them. Loot pickups – defeated enemies may drop many different items! Tap or walk over them to collect. Combat – tap an enemy to target it. Attack your target by tapping it again or using an ability. Equip a weapon or a shield to a lightseekers figure to gain extra abilities. Rapid regen – instantly heal yourself, followed by smaller heals over time.

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Enhance your gameplay with smart action figures. Unlock new maps and game modes plus take on your friends in multiplayer. You can scan physical lightseekers boxes and store signs for a cool surprise! At level 5 you unlock combos! Charge up these abilities in combat to unleash their power! Use your combat abilites often! They'll help you win the battle faster! You can add lightstones to your gear to enhance its stats, giving you more power! Tap on an item to view its details. Combat abilities – use your abilities to defeat enemies in combat. You'll gain more awesome abilities as you level up. Power bomb – a magical bomb is launched at the target, dealing damage on impact. Blast strike – requires a melee weapon. Damage all enemies in front of you with a powerful swing. Charge shot – requires a ranged weapon. Fire a charged shot at the target. Every three shots results in an explosion at damages all nearby enemies.

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1. TaclH93LiK - lightstones
2. Tk6DiAgRMY - pets
3. svfrFcamxX - talents
4. c0xqndsAgj - powers
5. Mnf2jQdO6X - fragments
6. ROGmFhxkmf – chest keys
7. hbNbJVZ5Pd - currencies
8. Bwkhb7zhe9 – epic treasures

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