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Wait! You are not from this world! You must be the chosen one! Touch the glowing mark to release your power! About skills: Skills can be unlocked and upgraded based on your actions in the game. You can check all the necessary info about the skill in this page. Upgrading Skills - You can easily earn skill points during gameplay, and use those skill points to speed up the process of upgrading skills. Time Stop - Stop time in any point during battles. The Great Sage - Analyse information about monsters during battles.

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hack LightTale Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Starting Battle: Upon entering an area, you can touch the fingerprint mark to summon your spirit orb and drag it around. Traveling: By releasing your orb inside different portals, you can travel to different areas in the map. Beware of locked portals that is not opened yet!

cheat Step #2: Time Stop: Releasing your finger from the orb will cause time to stop. You can take as long as you can to plan your strategy, then reattach your finger to the orb to resume battling. Examining Map: When time is stopped, a mini-map will appear at the corner of the screen. You can use it to keep track of your position and surrounding area. This place is the tomb of ancient heros. You need to learn how to fight. Destroy the tombstone to receive the ancient hero's lost power!

code Step #3:Passive Skill Dash - Increase 25 menee damage when dashing through enemies. Dash Attack - Dashing through enemies is one of the easiest way to attack. Just use your finger to guide the orb and slash through the monster. Monster Status - When time is stopped, you can press on the monsters to see their status, such as HP, attack and defense values.

LightTale Step #4: The ancient spirit has decided to bless you with a new power. A passive skill can assist you greatly in battles. Use your new power to free the ancient hero's spirit from his tomb! Passive Skill Archery - For each second, shoot an arrow upward with 25 increased ranged damage. It seems the ancient spirit has tought you an active skill. An active skill is different than a passive skill, you need to activate it manually during battle. Use your new active skill to destroy the final gravestone!

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  • Inferno - Deal 75 extra magic damage and 50 fire element bonus. You can start a skill when time is stopped. If you want to cast an active skill, drag the skill icon onto the battlefield first. Different skills can take up various areas and shapes.
  • After that, unfreeze time and guide the orb to finish all the tracks of the skill. Then the skill will be casted successfully. Each skill comsumes MP, and has a cooldown period.
  • Goddness's Blessing - Each time you level up, all acquired skills get 5% skill EXP increase bonus.
  • Heaven's Voice - Increase regenerating HP amount by 5.
  • When you are roaming the battlefield, sometimes you can find exit. Releasing your orb to the exit just like traveling through other portals, and you can finish the battle.
  • Entering Battles - You can select different stages to hunt here. Better go to the inventory and equip yourself first!
  • About Inventory - All your items and equipments are here. You can use and sell item, or equip equipments here.
  • About Forge - Forging is very important for you to advance forward. You can upgrade equipments, gamble equipments or produce items here.
  • About Upgrade - Upgrading your equipment can give their stats bonus. The higher the level, the more difficult is to successfully upgrade the equipment.
  • Using Amulets - During adventure, you may come across different powerful amulets. They can be used to assist you greatly during upgrading and gambling.
  • About Gambling - Gambling equipments can change their rarity levels from -2 to 7 ramdomly. It can also destroy your equipments permanently if unlucky.
  • In certain rooms, you are required to survive for a certain period of time before the doors are unlocked. Try your best to deal with the monsters!
  • Evading Attacks - During battles, you can move around to dodge different attacks from monster. Some monsters can charge towards you and use their bodies to hurt you. Be careful! Survive Until Timer Ends!
  • Activate Crystals - In rooms with crystal balls, you need to focus your orbs onto them to fully activate them all before the doors are unlocked. Activate All Crystal Balls!
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