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Like a King cheat list:
8ptxVB - resources (food)
u6xx5C - s-coins
GGgdrP - experience book
HGr2lS - lucky box
8EViKo - gear
VjUVmj - secret mode code
w3GDo4 - luxury bag
i6Shib - free coupons
z7JQza - gem pack
huYm1c - lucky draw
GtRaM5 - fixed bug
xFQxIS - evolve hack
fT8w6i - gift code 2020
My king, it’s time to capture red castle! Onwards! Let’s build goldmine in blue zone, to get gold for next buildings. You need to protect your goldmines, so let’s build it away from battle. Now we have enough gold to build barracks. Sword icon - is melee barracks that train melee troops. Construction will be completed in seconds. Now tap barracks and with holding your tap connect it with enemy tower. You made a path for your troops. Barracks began train them.

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Destroy enemy castle to win. For every victory you get a reward. Open the received chest. All cards have been added to your collection. Cards - are your buildings in battle. Upgrade them and troops will become stronger. By upgrading your cards you level up as king and unlock new cards.
Archers and shots of any type do more damage to melee warriors. Melee warriors are effective against buildings.

Like a King cheats, hack codes

1. fT8w6i - level up
2. I9lHhT - voucher
3. g7ZQy2 - shard
4. wYWuh8 - artifact
5. TkL1fS - characters

Like a King card tier list:
KsqRTq - militia hunt (melee barracks): militias are ordinary peasants who were sent into battle. They are cheap, train quickly and deftly wield a cudgel in the melee. They take only quantity, not skill. Attributes: durability - 168, cost - 200 gold, build time - 5 second, training time - 6 second. Damage to buildings: 14-22; damage to units: 17-24; attack speed - 1,5 second.
Gold mine code - F2GSWy:the kingdom of humans thrive thanks to well established gold mining. Gold mine during the battle brings the gold that is required for construction. Gold mine attributes: durability - 180, cost - 170, build time - 3 seconds, production per second: 6 gold.
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Archer Yard cheat - WLCh8r: human archers are trained shooters with good bows and robust cloaks. Archers are effective against melee warriors, but inflict low damage to buildings.
Archer tower hack - AGGsB8.The archer tower is the basic of protecting the kingdoms of humans. Inexpensive, reliable and efficient. Such towers are installed along the roads so that the sentinel can maintain peace and order.
Gold vein codes - 8zFryd: orc tribes rely on golden veins, rather than labor - intensive mining. Gold vein brings gold during the battle. Gold in battle is required for construction.
Grunt barracks - bq14lD:marauder: steals 1 gold on each hit out at enemy’s building. Orc grunt - the basis of the army of nomadic tribes. True to tradition, they don’t wear armor and fight with huge axes. These warriors are hardened in frequent raids and battles.

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 F3ZAYi upgrade
2 KPT8yG gem crystal
3 VNSFLS coupon
4 JykV5Y promo code
5 e3hhH7 gift box
6 0UYwhM gold coins
7 AztL2F month card
8 lSAY63 premium pack
9 Hqgpxn legendary gear
10 pq6VVr vip ticket
11 WuTjrK gear pack

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Hack cheats tutorial Like a King (wiki):
Draw a path from your barracks to enemy building to begin attack. Upgraded cards will give you advantages in battle. By winning and increasing your majesty you improve your reward from chests. Your castle produces gold and if you need more gold - build gold mines.
crKuZu - novice pack (giant pack of cards to rock this kingdom)
8nRYQQ - Upgrade your cards and your troops will become stronger, buildings - more solid and towers - more powerful.
JsEl4k - legendary cards
FFrQJt - gems
Beg53l - gold coins
PrDGus - rubies
ypu5o1 - pinata boom
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