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hello, chief! i'm Nikki, the village girl! This is a fairy easy game! Click the button task tracking on the left side! When the front color of the task turns green, it means the task is completed. Click again to claim your reward. Our village is occupied by dawg from Goryeo! Chief be ready to drive them away. Victory! But our villages were taken away, we can't build our billage anymore. Let's use cheat codes and go save the villagers! Task attack dawn completed! To review task process, click task tracking button again.

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1. k0FHSINU2 - Qingzhi Cav
2. cW3OV2kL0 - Khmer Elephant riding Soldier
3. o0zFGJwAx - Liu Neng
4. 4q6fyXixC - S.Snack bar
5. z8eHxSvWE - festival chest
6. hITyR0PcM - peach
7. gXQArthrj - basswood

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