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Food truck festival is coming up! Challenge the pancake recipe contest. First, tap the pancake batter. Quick, tap it before it burns! Now, tap the pancake to complete the order. I’ve a got a good feeling about this! I’ll sign you up for the food truck festival, so get ready!

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There once was a cute bear called Brown. He loved good food, and loved making it more than anyone! Brown graduated chef school, and realized he was happiest cooking scrumptious food for his friends. Brown dreamed of owning a restaurant...But while his heart was full, his bank account was empty.
A food truck festival! Cooking at the festival would get Brown closer to his dreams coming true!

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This town is where Brown’s gotten his first gig as a chef! Get Brown famous here so he can work in other towns too! The secret is self control! Tap here to go to Chef’s Diary. Don’t forget to check it out! Aiming for the best chef? Tap the food truck and get started.
So, it looks like we’re going to the food truck festival! Whip up some pancakes and get Brown’s name out there!
Line Chef wiki
Stage - here’s where you can see info about your missions. Be sure to serve finished dishes in the order customers arrived!
it’s just cooking and serving to customers, so how hard can it be? Wanna try a stage you’ve already cleared? Take on harder versions of old stages! Careful, there! Don’t let your food burn on this stage! Use codes when it gets busy! Use coin bonus items to get even more coins! Speed up items - to whip up dishes faster.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Buddies have lots of different abilities.
  • If you clear stages and collect flowers, you'll get to open a gift box!
  • Find sweet coby and give him chocolates to get gifts.
  • Clear all the key stages to move on to a new restaurant.
  • When you need help, call on a Buddy! That's what they're there for! The higher your Buddies' level, the more they can help out!
  • Use anti burn coating and your dishes won't burn! Put those items to use!

Line Chef tips
Hack cheats tutorial Line Chef(wiki):
  • Upgrade your cooking slots to cooks more food!
  • Clear part time stages before time runs out!
  • Need more part time stages? More are coming soon!
  • In chef's diary, you can see both Brown's Diary and letters from customers.
  • Complete orders before the combo gauge runs out to keep your combo going.
  • On score stages, get combos to get higher scores.
  • Buddies who finish cooking lessons will get extra experience.

Line Chef tutorial

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Complete customers’ orders on like stages and win their hearts. Complete their orders before their heart meters run out and get those hearts. I’ll tell you how to never miss a customer! Customers will be more patient if you give them candies. If people like your Pancakes, expect even more to come! Go buy some kitchen utensils to get ready for the rush!
Line Chef tips to repair

Upgrade your kitchen utensils to whip up dishes faster! Not sure what to get? Just look for the items with “best” labels on them! Remember, complete customers’ orders before time runs out. You can use an extend 5s item to get more time.
Slather on some syrup to make your pancakes even more delicious! But first, you gotta make the pancakes. how and where enter
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