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Lineage II Dark Legacy cheat world: in the beginning, there was nothing. And then there was light and dark. Einhasad - goddess of Creation. Gran kain - the god of destruction. Together, they created new gods to wield the elemental forces of existence. But Gran Kain, in his arrogance, demanded a creation in his own image. Fearful, the gods gave into his demands, except for Shilen - the goddess of water. So he trainted her with his darkness, giving him control over her power.

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Einhasad, discovering Shilen's corruption, exiled her from the palace of the Gods. Cursing her creators' names she fled, and gave birth to the creat darkness within her. Demons, dragons, untold abominations. Her vengeancemade flesh. And thus began the war of the Gods, which threatened to consume all life. Desperate, Shilen's foes rallied with the creation of fearsome living weapons to turn the tide. Weakened and anguished, the dark goddess created the underworld, retreating there to rule over lost souls. As the conflict reached its Zenith, a group of brave heroes -blessed by Einhasad. Embarked on a mission to ensure shilen could never return.

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Welcome to the altar of souls. Here we can summon the souls of mercenraries that were lost in the great war. We shall use this to strengthen and build our army. Tap the mercenary to enhance its power. Talismans are precios artifacts that can be discovered throughout aden. When equipped on a mercenary, it unlocks a variety of additional attributes depending on the talisman's rareness and level.

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Having multiple talismans from the smae 'set' gives the mercenary a significant buff that can overpower the most vicious of opponents.
When you want to attack a specific enemy, tap it once to target it with your leader's basic attacks and skills. Against high priority foes, double tap to focus that enemy with your whole party's attacks. Before we continye our pursuit, we must first fix the airship. This process shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you will be rewarded for completing various tasks along your journey. They are categorized as daily, weekly and lifetime achievements. The achievements tab logs your heroic actions. Remember to check back and complete all the available achievements in order to receive the most rewards. We must remain vigilant, and reinforce the castle, and bolster our army of mercenaries to stand a chance. Einhasad rewards the righteous, so keep the faith as you travel the realm and vanquish the foes of Aden.

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Tutorial (wiki): rewards is the key word, mate and this land is ripe with them. i didn't switch sides for thrills or morals - there's gol and glory to be won! Clans allow you to join a large coalition of mercenaries, and be able to gift and chat with other members. They also allow you to participate in special clan wars that will gift the winners limited edition mercenaries. Join an established clan or start a new one and become the leader of the next dominant faction.

Lineage II Dark Legacy  hacked Instructions: castle is an integral part of our kingdom. To ensure its safety, we must prepare a strong line of defense. If our defenses are ever breached by the enemy, the kingdom will lose influence. Place your strongest mercenaries to defend each section of the castle. Defenses, perks and leader bonuses each give us distinct benefits which will aid our defenses when we are under siege.

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