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There’s a magical place. A doorway, of sorts. Where the spirits of the world can be sensed, and with the right key summoned. To keep it safe, an order known as the Vault keepers was founded. And a walled city built around it. For a thousand years, the order kept watch.
Until one night, during a lunar eclipse...Something evil came knocking. And in those moments, the last vault keeper had only one thought: protect the Vault.

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Wounded, he roared in defiance. Channeling the last of his magic into the artifact he’d protected for so long. In front of him the monster frothed in rage, sensing its prize slip away. The fragments fell across the world, like stardust. Where silently and unseen, they lay hidden...waiting to be found.

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Story dialog:
Tim: - hello? Anyone out there? Anyone?
Natalia: - Face it Tim, they’ve all run away. We’re the last of the Vaultkeepers.
Tim: - So, that means we’re the boss, right? Then let's decide what to call this place! Cleaver and his bandits won't stop until they own this town!
Nata: - they must realize that we’re the only ones left...
Tim: - Well he’s insane if he thinks we’re handing the city over to him. The Vault of souls can’t fall into the wrong hands. We can’t just sit here and let bandits threaten our town. We need to take the fight to them! The key to a successful battle is the element of surprise.
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Wait, look at this, it’s a piece of grandfather’s keystone! A summoning key! These are rare, but a stroke of luck for us! Open the summoner. We’re going to need to get stronger if we hope to take on Cleaver.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets, guide:
  • Hold on heroes in battle for more info!
  • Collect all pets by hunting in each area.
  • Replay older levels to build up your strength.
  • Level up by unlocking new battles.
  • Stun charging enemies to stop their attack.
  • New goals will pop up every day. But rewards should be enough to hire some new help.
  • Hero properties - watch out for hero strengths and weaknesses.

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Hack cheats tutorial Lionheart Dark Moon(wiki): Unit:
  • Sap Stumbler - small, wooden sprites that shoot healing and sticky sap to lock enemy skills. often seen near their friends, the ogres.
  • Tim - one of the two last Vault keepers, equipped with a burning sword. He’s dedicated to protecting his sister and their order.
  • Centaur lancer - the lancer charges straight into battle, stunning enemies with their speed, strength and a very sharp spear

Lionheart Dark Moon tutorial

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Skill: Vault slash - slash an enemy for high damage. Wrath - rain down stars on all enemies.
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