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97oY4M - epic ideas
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KwD5vL - izzit spells
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qO8gDz - luxury bag
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Sneaking into the castle. Even for you that’s crazy, y’know...Tha wasn’t a compliment. Look, if your mom finds out, she’s gonna flip.
This is my village. Everyone here’s nice, the food’s great, it’s peaceful. I couldn’t ask for more! Except..we can’t go outside the village. it’s been that way since before i was born. It’s a promise the villagers made with the people in the castle, who protect us. The only way to get out of the village is through the castle. That’s why i want to go in! If i can talk to the ones inside, maybe they’ll let me out on an aventure!

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We’ll start with the basics so you don’t get hurt. The thing that just floated above your head is called an Izzit. AN izzit is an idea that you can use in battle, but at the moment, it’s just a possibility. You can’t use it yet. To utilize it in battle, you need to be sure of it. So, we need to confirm, it’s what you want to do. press the A button. That’s it! Now your idea has substance. This is called a dazzit. To change an izzit into a dazzit, you need power.

Little Town Hero cheats, hack codes

1. qJCJpk - level up
2. 2oZ7LZ - voucher
3. wE4uwp - shard
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There is a limit to how much power you have for each turn, so choose where you want to use your power wisely. In this game, you fight by colliding Dazzits with each other. Try it out and see for yourself. Press the A code button. Bang! There, now you know how Dazzits collide. You also just witnessed your dazzit break. Each dazzit has an attack and defense value. When the dazzits collide, the attack will damage the opponents defense. Once the defense value reaches 0, the dazzit gets broken.
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As the battle progresses, hero will come up with new izzits and power will also be replenished. Let’s try using a dazzit that won’t get broken this time. Dazzits cheats that survive the turn are bale to be used again the next turn. The hack turn will continue till the enemy exhausts all Dazzits it has. You will need to throw dazzits back till the turn is over. You can see your opponent still has 1 dazzit left. You also have 1 idea left, so you’ll have to use it.
In next turn, it’s possible to break all of your enemy’s dazzits codes. Can you figure out what to do? let’s give it a try!

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Even if your enemy has n=many ideas codes, and it looks as if they have the upper hand. It’s quite possible to get an all break if you use your yellow dazzits well. Blue can be used anytime and don’t need to collide with enemy dazzits to take effect. they hold various special effects that may help you during battle. For example, all break can be achieved easily by using pelt in this turn. However, you don’t want to waste any leftover power, so change the proper guard izzit into a dazzit before using pelt against the enemy. You still have some power left. Are there any izzits you can change to dazzits? Proper guard - this is one dazzit you want to keep. Check out the effects of pelt. It’s a clever tactic to use up your power on izzits before the next turn, even if you don’t need to use them as dazzits yet. This is an extremely important technique to learn for future battles. 4wX8a9 - shooting pack
hZdCdW - legendary card
09kAg8 - special offer
vb1xcE - evolve
Hack MJXJLR - artifacts
Cheat s8t74v - evade
RcOU70 - elite ticket. 5io7cb - exchange code
An all break can be achieved during this turn if you use your dazzits wisely. A red hack is used solely to attack. Unlike a yeallow cheat it can only be used once per turn. however, a red hack can inflict damage during a chance turn. Change the hard hit izzit into a dazzit and keep it till the chance turn to see how it works. To get to a chance turn, you’ll have to aim for an all break. remember to take note of the remaining power you have. how and where enter
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