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Cheat LoadMama hack android, ios code

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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
LoadMama Cheats
increase happiness - use hack #J9vuMOE1y
100k coins- enter pass #ydp37ajWQ
10000 courage - #OixnKiEJi
new recipes - #iquK4ja9r
furniture - #lOC7Qa4XV
hard levels - #d3SE7SHLH
1 Month Card code - #pjxewIHfV
upgrade cheat - #Tx19oTcva
booster - #6ltWbJYD5
premium magazine - #EpTmmgHW6
secret combination - #TyKIm379s
level up - #OWmRUQUHy
pet - #ODlOfYMbE
special reward - #JRv8B7MU7
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LoadMama Story
Aww...what should i do. i have to pay for school meal...My Mongryong, Mommy's cooking right now. Don't cry and please wait a minute, okay? How should i live my life....
LoadMama hack Basics
Oh, a new owner came over there. Hello, new mama i'm a road cat roaming around this street for 50 years and a Mr. Know it all for this load Mama. Since it's your first time, let me explains. Listen carefully.
There are main menu you should know before start a business. Variety of elements are contained to make a better play. I'll explain step by step from the top so listen carefully.
You can find Mama's information if press avatar - it shows level, ability, equipped items and skill information of Mama.
Piece of courage - you can buy various items for a business, increase mama's level and regular customers' satisfaction level.
1. Coin (money) - a currency of load Mama with this, you can buy various items and clear missions (family issue).
2. Happiness - it raises business ability. Mama's business ability is in proportion to business profit. You can obtain after clearing mission.
3. In ranking reward you can find your ranking and rewards. Over level 50 can take part in on ranking. You will need many ranking points to rank up.
4. Challenge mission is where you can see various accomplished mission. You should claim your rewards here because you can't buy these rewards at store.
5. Each customer of load mama has his/ her own ability. If you register customer who has skill you wanted as a regular customer and fill his/ her satisfaction level, customer's own skill will be activate. You can see card, registration and details of regular customers here. Make good use of the regular system.
6. Inventor box - stores all items bought at stores, rewards and items that you currently have.
7. Item shop - buy various items such as cards, equipment, pet items and etc.
8. Hack tools menu - enter cheat codes.
9. Point shop - this is the place where you can obtain a piece of courage after watching random CM. It's something like advertising shop.
LoadMama Cook
Business details - price details regarding cooking ingredient. You can check here the changes of item's cost, use cheats codes, according to your ability (additional profits, miss bonus). We should prepare food before customers come. There are two ways whole, selet to cook. With whole cuisine, you will cook a small amount of food starting from fish cake. With select cuisine you will cook food you selected first. If all food are not cook enough evenly, choose whole. If only food is not enough, select could be much better.
You should quickly get how many food that people wants and packaging bowls needed marked on order screen.
Patch Version
LoadMama Redeem gift code
1. AsXWY7MQWwpvPzi
3. i4xzqOOqyKU4w6q
4. II1i0xZ1n9NRoj0
5. H7ZmS0g4eNLLnwI
Hack Release Date16 September 2020
Last Modified16 September 2020
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