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Free hack Looney Tunes World of Mayhem cheats code list - illudium, evolve , gold ticket, promo ticket, mega wheel, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Looney Tunes World of Mayhem cheat world: soon there’ll be no Earthlings left to interfere with my plans, isn’t that lovely?
- I knew i should taken that left turn at Albuquerque. Excuse me Doc, do you know how to get to Pismo?
- Oh, dear, another Earth creature. Now i suppose i shall have to use force.
- Of course you realize, this means war! This place is a mess and i’m going to need your help to fix it! Come on. Battle and collect toons to restore what Marvin destroyed. Collect different versions of your favorite toons. Every day brings a new set of daily goals to complete. Daily goals are a great way to earn rewards and level up!

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Each stage has special rewards. First battle will earn us illudium that we can use to unlock new toons. Basic attacks can be used every turn to deal damage. Special attacks are powerful, but take time to recharge. If you stunned the enemy, he’ll skip his next turn. Win - you got some of Marvin’s illudium, which powers the Reatomizer. Now that you have enough pieces, you can activate that toon. Scout FORHORN - is a defender with lots of health who looks out for his allies in battle. His slow attacks hide a very powerful punch able to stun his enemies. Forhorn’s special attack grants him taunt, which means enemies can only attack him. You also got an XP potion from your victory! Use these to level up your toons, making them stronger. SOme potions are more effective than others. Looks like you earned a good one! Now that we have a stronger character, let’s battle again to complete more goals.

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Team power show how strong your team is. Make sure your is higher than the opponent power. Golden tickets spin the premium wheel, which gets you the best toons. The premium wheel always gives you a giant pile of toon pieces. Each new battle is a chance to earn extra rewards. ACME crates contain the awesome rewards you need to strengthen your toons. ACME delivers crates periodically. This crate holder shows the status of yours. Crates take time to open while assigned to a bank. Other players might steal your crates unless you open them right away - use hack cheats code. These are special tune up materials that unlock new skills for toons. Tune up - this button shows you all skills and the materials you need to unlock them. Every skill is different.
Completing chapters earns pieces towards activating the villainous black knight Sam. Brawl - here you’ll see crates owned by other players, just waiting for you to steal. Use your best characters to defend your crate! Don’t worry, you can still use them to attack.

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Note: you can speed up battle animations by tapping the 1x button in the top left corner of the screen. If an enemy uses taunt, you can only attack them until the effect ends. Defeating one enemy at a time is usually better than all at the same time.

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