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Hi traveler. You are finally operational...My name is Bingo. Nice to meet you. The good news is, you're alive. The bad news is your ship can see...But maybe you can help out around here for a while! Beep beep...starting Foreign Traveller Training Program...First, try moving around a little...if you can. Great. Everything seems OK there. Now try a roll. Next let's see if your weapon still works, you know...just in case...Don't worry! This crab won't bite, so start shooting! Not bad. Maybe you won't die.

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hack Loot Legends Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): You found a weapon! What are you waiting for? Pick it up! Good. Now tap the gear button. Tap the weapon slot to see what you have! Now, equip it. Tap the equip button. Awesome...don't worry, you can try it soon! Tap the next button. Let's find some more of those pesky crabs. Follow me! Time to test your suit's abilities. Tap and drag to use Fire Quake on these pesky crabs. Nice! Abilities are powerful and will help ypu defeat your enemies...or cook lunch! Oh, another weapon! Collect it!

cheat Step #2: Let's see if this weapon is better that what you have now. Take a look at your gear. Tap the weapon slot to see what you have! Looks like this weapon is not very powerful...But we can still make use of it. Let's fuse this junk! Tap the fuse button. Nice job. Fusing increases your XP so you can level up! Keep leveling up to unlock abilities and cool rewards! Let's get back to the action. Tap the exit button. Let's find some more crabs to exterminate! Follow me! Let's try one more ability. Tap and drug your Explosive Grenade over some more crabs.

code Step #3:Look! A loot bot! I know just the robot to take a look at this. Let's go! This big guy is much stronger than I am, he can open your loot bot for you! Remember to equip new items, or fuse them to gain XP. Tap the exit button. Your final step is to start an operation. Operations are a great way to find loot and earn rewards! However, operations are tough, and only the best will survive! Good luck!

Loot Legends Step #4: Travel around the planet on operations to defeat the planets' most dangerous foes. Encounter new enemies, challenges and rewards on your journey to the top of the leaderboards. Fire quake - Create a huge fire quake dealing 350% damage and knocking back enemies. Has a 3% chance to burn for 5 seconds.

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