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Arthur – launches a powerful sword energy to front 7 tiles. Armeria = launches fire pillars to 12 tiles around you in a cross shape. In this game, you play the game using 6 dicers. First, select a character to make a move. You can make a move based on the hero's move value. Arrival point is indicated with the blue arrow. Read the map before you move! When you're poisoned, your health points decreases every turn. Use character that can cleanse debuffs. Hero's skill is activated depending on circumstances. Each dicer has a unique type of move attacks, and fill 1 charge point each turn. The attack icon is indicated when you can attack monster. Fully charged soldier can demonstrate a special ability. Eliminate the boss monster in limited turns and reach the goal.

Lord of Dice cheats android, ios hack codes

Lord of Dice –  hack codes
Dicers charged red will have enhanced attack at the full charge. Utilize 6 different dicers' move attacks that have different attack range. Charge point is earned every turn, except used cards. Dice battle is initiated when you land on the same tile as the enemy does. Different dice types are used in battle. There are a total of 3 types: d4, d6, d10. Character charged blue will have the chance for a higher roll at the full charge. Battle result – attack is enabled if your result is greater. Critical attack is triggered if you win by a big difference. Melee attack recommended when you want to attack 1 enemy in your route. Melee – stops move and attacks when encountering an enemy. Try to feed your dicers with experience materials to grow them even faster. Each floor has different sorts of materials available, so check it before you enter.

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Lord of Dice –  cheats secret bug
It's time for piercer attack if 2 or more enemies stand in a line! Piercer – attacks all enemies on 4 straight tiles before moving. If the enemy is 4-5 tiles away, you can use sniper attack, attacks the farthest enemy. Whirlwind attack recommended – wipe out the enemies if they are located on surrounding 8 tiles. Master's skill gauge is charged based on used dicer's charge point. If the enemies are spread out in front of you launch magic attack to strike them all. Skill gauge is charge by 2 times if you use the fully charged dicer. If you pass by enemies, use bomber attack to eliminate rear enemies. Master skill can deal damage over a large area. Each master has a different attack range.

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1. vjzLVdN7zV – charge point
2. BcagpRZJKU - package
3. wKLJ6W3Zsw – memory dust
4. Ycv4HiJUm4 - medal
5. x9LToUVzzr – lucky pouch
6. Ift11Rx73W – dungeon keys
7. hA54lQGUVK - tickets
8. 579jTuW3rU – evolution material
9. NcdNsJI5yT – premium summon
10. J2zBYYRHcJ - grow

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