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Lord of Estera cheat world:
1. 5v9SJUAW32 - lucky box
2. iaD2IPaXxg - coupon
3. xdonOHCLbC - secret mode
4. iNckPz6wnn - luxury bag
- Enemy are too strong, i can’t hold on anymore!
- Hold on for a while. We will summon strong coupon soon. Use earth shake to delay them first! I’ve prepared magic card coupon code and 10 draw coupon hack tools for you. Go to the card house to get legendary heroes! Each hero has its traits. Next you can out them into the line up and begin tp battle.

Lord of Estera hack

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Each time a card is used, hero will trigger card skill. Use this to get rid of enemies. Remember, after character card is upgraded, its attributes will be boosted. This is a main way to enhance the hero. Before the next battle, let’s deploy the new legendary card. Deploy Fire fist Robert and the team power will be greatly boosted.

Lord of Estera cheats android, ios hack codes

1. VGYUz5g3bv - level up
2. Ow1nCAt6wq - voucher
3. dygz7JtWyx - shard
4. z85hLPkLv8 - artifact
5. 27zgcy92LQ - honor

Lord of Estera hack month card
A qualified master must know the positioning of the heroes. Each hero is introduced in the information interface. Proper coordination can multiply the overall battle power. Got a problem? Check the help button and maybe you can find an answer there.
Via hero battle and other dungeons, we can get many materials. Let’s upgrade the hero’s gear using these materials or cheats hack codes!
Lord of Estera wiki
Upgrading hero’s gear can greatly boost the gear’s attributes. Every characters needs cultivation. Both stars level and promotion can boost strength greatly. Stars level can improve the attributes of all aspects while promotion allows more skills. Before Hero promotion, we need upgrade its rune first. After promotion, unit’s attributes will see an over all boost. And some skills will be unlocked hero reaches certain grade.

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1 pAGRLY6ddh upgrade
2 iXX2kizMAG gem crystal
3 wsOaMQSiqa promotion
4 i7PXUNWNtH promo code
5 pIYLwXiSko gift box
6 J79gMVc0ju gold coins
7 SrYDZzfLzc month card
8 PupooqyWDF premium pack
9 ClfJ8DDw9i milestone
10 Q8Pxx8mjNP vip ticket
11 c1UfRmk4Qh materials

Lord of Estera gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Magic coupon have special mechanism. Use them properly to enhance the response capacity of your deck!
  • Its' a wise choice to trigger soul elegy low cost heroes.
  • Take care of Blademaster's slash. he will reap low HP heroes.
  • The more enemy heroes on the field, the more zombies will be summoned by battle roar.
  • When watching a top confrontation, you can not only learn the skill of the masters but also copy their decks.
  • As the assassin disappears, he will flash to the back of your hero to cause critical damage.
  • Building units can;t be moved after being placed. Please choose a backward position.

Lord of Estera tips
Hack cheats tutorial Lord of Estera(wiki):
Athena will regularly recover some health points for all ally heroes.
Teraman- archmage casts magics to deal huge damage to area enemies.
Archer Lena - battle roar shoot a light arrow to knock back and blind enemies for 10 seconds.
Earthbear Bill - get thunder power from the Thor to allow its normal atk with thunder effect for 10 seconds.
Knight Lancelot - raid and stun enemy back row inits for 1 seconds. Other enemies along the way get physical damage.
Fire fist Robert - every time a card is used, Robert will attack enemies around with his flame punch!
Lord of Estera tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Lord of Estera: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, promotion.

This codes is for test purposes only. The recharge function will therefore not be available. During the code mode, the server may at times be unavailable due to maintenace or bug fixed. We apologize for any incovenience this may cause! If you encounter any bugs or issues during the mode hack period, please contact us via the user center in order to report them! The following languages will be added to the game later: portugueses, deutch, french, russian, and spanish.
Lord of Estera tips to repair
Lord of Estera Activation code:
1. 1CK5RymooF
2. Uzy306uenw
3. 1sBDBVYidq
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