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The war of bloodmoon descended again. The royal family was slaughtered. Everyone was reminded about the fear and cruelty of the war. Five kingdoms have risen. Who will be the one sits on the throne?
There are slaughters, rumors, fears in the battlefield before us. People live between the life and death, and no one wants to die. Can you bring them peace and provide them a place to live? Let me help you achieve your goals.

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The castle is the symbol of both title and wealth. Unreal battlefield is the best place for challenging. You won’t lose your force. YOu can get equipment for heroes. During the virtual battlefield, system will grant full strength to all heroes.
After the fight in the capital, Ashan land lost its peace. Demons had invaded the city, and a small group of demons has gathered around each city.

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Occupy the territory between the city and the enemy’s fortress may help you take the upper hand. Expand your force to 200 and take the enemy’s fortress. Remember, during the recruitment, generals cannot be sent out to crusade. Garrisons on the neutral plot will be refreshed at each 06:00 AM. To launch a ranged attack, building fortress will be of great help. The city garrisons and enemy strength will not increase with distance.
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While gathering, the 8 grids of land near the target plot will be in effect. High defense, strong damage, group healing, dodge and other hero types await you. Combine skills with deployment to easily deal with various powerful opponents. In addition, there are also 107 different PVE stages for you to pick up the best combination strategies.

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