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Welcome to the training ground. You’ll be learning the basics here. But first, let’s see if you have what it takes to be among the ranks of the royal army. Common riff raffs won’t be accepted! Remember, every hero has to start from zero. Nervous? So was i back in the days. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this. The battlefield isn’t a place to make friends, but you can count on your comrades. Let me introduce you to them.

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Prince of light - will be the judge to your first trial and see if you’re qualified. I will be supervising you from the tower. His highness is very capable himself, don’t underestimate him in combat.
Come first, let me introduce you to the rest of the team before we go out there. Court mage - will be the one to decide if your performance out there deserves praise or criticism.
The spirit doves - summoned by dove guardian materialize in thin air flutters near you as if they’re waiting for your order.

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You didn’t even break a sweat. Keep it up and you can always secure victories in your hand. Next, i will show you how to upgrade yourself. There’s a lot you need to learn from this. Hero’s profile - these are your basic attributes! You can upgrade them to increase strengthen yourself permanently.
Health - click here to see your health emblems description.
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Upgrade your remaining stats and see your attributes enhanced. Upgrade all of your remaining comrades in your formation.
Spirit doves -ethereal projections of the doves - the couriers of message and bringers of peace. They aid in battle for the same purpose. Avion force that can attack any grounded enemy troops.
Rain of Judgement - countless rays of blinding light rains down upon the enemy, dealing massive destruction as if it was the light of God’s judgement itself (reduced damage to towers). Ideal to bring down swarms of enemies.
Holy orb - a mysterious yet powerful cannonball of the holy army. Only its user know about its true nature. Condensed energy to take down a group of troops.

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  • Guild - is a place where you can join forces with others. Clock here to enter the social menu. You can create a guild and invite other to join you. Or you can search for a guild to join.
  • New quests will be updated everyday if your quest list is not full. Complete these quests and valuable rewards await you.
  • Fight your way to victory by destroying your opponent’s Towers with your own deck of Troop cards, along with your ace

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Warrior - this brave young warrior charges first, asks questions later. he puts the mission of protecting his kingdom on top priority. A higher health troop. Place him in from to protect weaker troops.
Marksman - the newest recruit among the military enisted bowmen. Despite being nervous on the battlefield, he is a skillful hunter that always tries his best. Expert in ranged weapons. Most efficient against flying units.
Royal hound - a young member of the royal army’s conine troops. Unfortunately, his appearance is anything but fearsome. The soldiers love him so much, some even forget that the Royal hound is their superior. Faithful canine that licks his way through the enemy. SHort attention span.
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Court mage - the no-nonsense court mage of the royal army. Her cold, collected aura is enough to strike fear into whoever has to battle her. Casts a powerful ranged light spell that damages enemy troops.
Prince of light - the firsborn son of the ROyal lineage. Confident, strong and skillful in combat, the prince is one of the leaders of the holy army. Focuses his attacks towards enemy towers and bosses only.
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